6 ways to save when Winterizing your home

With the colder months quickly approaching us here are 6 ways to save when winterizing your home:

  1. Use Rope Caulk on your windows and doors to seal up holes that may let in cold air.
  2. Change Furnace Filter and have a furnace inspection (can cost around $75), but that may save you hundreds over the cold winter months.
  3. Have your Chimeny Inspected.
  4. Purchase a Programable Thermostat – reduce the heat at night while you sleep.
  5. Change Lightbulbs out to CFL Lightbulbs – this can save 75% in energy costs.
  6. Consider NOT going on the budget plan for your heating/energy costs.  By not being on the budget plan there is an immediate incentive to conserve energy and pay more attention to your thermostat.

If you have trouble paying your heat bill – you can find details on the LIHEAP Program here.  They offer many programs to help you pay for heating bill during the winter.

What other tips do you have to save money during the fall/winter months?

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    Also keep in mind, LED light bulbs have hit the market and have become fairly affordable. The work best in directional situations, so they aren’t great for lamps, but anywhere a light is direction (recessed ceiling lighting) they use half the power of a CFL, giving you a tiny bit more of an advantage.

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    I’m also a big advocate FOR the buget plan, while it does make it harder to track and measure anything, at the same time you have a reliable bill 12 months a year that doesn’t change. It can be murder on your budget when you get use to ~$50 bills, and then in January get hit with a $400+ bill.

    It takes extremely strict budging and/or a lot of spare cash to pay your exact usage.

    • says

      Thanks Travis for your comment. I do agree that if you are not planning ahead the budget plan can be killer! The only issue I have with the budget plan is that because people know what they are going to pay they spike their heat up, and don’t think about the fact that the bill will go up in a few months.

      When I was on the budget plan I would keep my heat a lot higher because I ‘knew’ what the bill was going to be. Once I went off the budget plan I was paying more attention to the energy I was actually consuming.

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