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How to travel to Disney for FREE!


This is a guest post from Brad Barrett. He is a Certified Public Accountant, husband, and father to two lovely little girls.  He is an avid traveler and through his site he helps teach people to travel the world using rewards miles and points. Before you read this, you will want to read my post on how I got two free tickets to see my sister overseas this summer.  He also can teach you how to travel to disney for free. Here is Brad… ********************************************** My wife and I absolutely

Tips for Traveling with Small Children on a Budget

car bag

As you are reading this Mark and I are headed on our first real vacation in our 10 years of marriage!  We have never taken our family on a ‘real’ vacation because it just wans’t in our budget, so this is something new for us!  We have traveled almost every weekend this summer, so our children are great travelers, but we really wanted to make sure that this trip went as smooth as possible.  We have a beach house in the Carolina’s that we are sharing with my sister, brother

Summer Goal Setting For Moms

Summers can be tough for Moms, right? Here's some awesome tips to help you set your summer goals and have an AMAZING summer with your family!

Summer Goal Setting The weeks and days leading up to summer seem to crawl by. As the weather gets nicer we come up with all of these grand plans and ideas for how to fill the time. But guess what? Sooner than you can blink (or so it seems) September is right around the corner and few if any of those plans actually happened. Oh no! What can you do to make your summers more fulfilling? Setting goals can be a great way to be sure to get stuff done

14 Items with the Biggest Markup at the Grocery Store

Do NOT buy these 14 Items at the grocery store! They have the biggest markup!

You’ve got your list and your keys, and you’re ready to head out to go grocery shopping. Not so fast!  There are some major money-zapping items that you should mark off your list right now. We hope you’ll enjoy these money saving tips on how to avoid the 14 items with the biggest markup at the grocery store. Non-grocery items Examples: light bulbs, motor oil, lawn furniture, coolers The grocery store is counting on you buying these items so you don’t have to make one more stop. If you’re buying auto

3 Secrets to an Affordable Family Vacation

Here, I share my 3 SECRETS to an amazing yet affordable family vacation that my everyone LOVES!

Our favorite place to vacation is Topsail Island, NC.  We always book our rental home through HomeAway and VRBO. This post is brought to you by HomeAway, to help you save on vacations too! Everyone has different ways to vacation. Some like to go to Disney, some like to be tourists, but we like to do NOTHING on our vacations. My family’s ideal of an affordable family vacation consists of: A house on an ocean beach No itinerary Minimal touristy stuff Most importantly, a GREAT price In this post, I’m gonna share our favorite destination

24 best things to buy at the dollar store

Not everything at the dollar store is a great deal, but many things are. Check out this list of 24 AWESOME buys at the dollar store!

There are two ways of thinking about the dollar store – either it is inexpensive junk or bargains galore. Depending on the type of shopper you are, you may avoid it because you think everything in there is poorly made or miniature size. Or you may it and buy everything you normally have on your shopping list assuming you are getting the best deal. While there are most definitely items in the dollar stores that will break very quickly, there are also items that could be found cheaper elsewhere. I

Where have I been?


It’s been almost a week since I’ve sat down to write to you all. Why? I was actually away for the week in Phoenix, and have been playing catch up since then. There is a part of my business that you may not know about – I am a social media consultant. Often times this requires traveling to run social media at events, or consulting with companies. This past week I was in Phoenix for five days, it was a great time and I really enjoyed the R&R. I spoke to a room