Don’t Let a Storm Make you Broke – 5 tips to help you prepare for the next storm!

You might not think of storm preparation as a top frugal tip. But it should be! If you're not prepared in any way, then you could wind up paying A LOT of money if a storm damages your home. Save by following these 4 EASY tips!

One early evening last July, a 4-minute freak storm passed though my town. I am in Upstate New York mind you, with almost zero risk for tornadoes… but there were ridiculous wind gusts that lasted only 4 minutes and left half of my city without power for a week – including my house. My brother lost half his roof, and 2 gigantic maple trees in my in-laws’ backyard were felled. Just last week (11 months later) we finally finished cleaning up their backyard from the storm. Thank God no one was


8 Frugal Outdoor Games and Crafts For Kids

Looking for frugal ways to have fun with your kids outside? Check out these 8 FUN activities that you will all LOVE!

One goal we have during the summer is to enjoy the outdoors and good weather as much as possible. While many summer activities seem to be tied to expensive outings, there are plenty of affordable or free things to do outside to have fun! Here are 8 great activities you and your family can try out this summer: Leaf Art: Different leaves have different colors or shapes. Spend some time collecting them and use them to create artwork such as collages or even diagrams. You can even trace leaves or do rubbings


Why I suck at being a mom…

Why I suck at being a mom Pinterest

This past weekend I had the privilege of speaking at the first ever Happy Mommy Box Retreat.  It is rare that I get to go away and speak at an event about motherhood. Why? I do not consider myself to be one of those ‘moms’.  I actually felt very inadequate to be speaking at a motherhood event, because I never feel like I have it all together. Most days I roll out of bed after Mark has sent up two of our children to wake me up. I walk downstairs and get


You are Wasting Money on these 20 Foods!

You are WASTING MONEY on these 20 Foods!

When you are trying to save money, the grocery store is one of the best places for you to start. You can cut your grocery budget down considerably through the use of coupons, knowing how to shop smartly, and by avoiding budget-busting traps. The grocery store is full of items that cost you more, usually due to convenience. However, with a few extra minutes in the kitchen, you’ll find that the savings is worth the time. Here are 20 foods that you should stop buying now. Spice Mixes – Fajita seasoning,


8 Affordable and Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids

Bored and stuck in the house? Here are 8 Affordable and FUN Rainy Day Activities for Kids that will turn your day around!

Summer is a great time of year and can be so much fun. But what do you do on those days when it rains? Avoid hearing the chorus of “I’m bored!” Here are ten rainy day activities that you and your kids can enjoy. Cooking/Baking: Most children love baking with their parents. Give them a choice of cookies, muffins, breads, or whatever you have the ingredients for. This is a great opportunity to spend quality time and teach them how to bake. Of course, a lot of fun comes later when you

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5 Cheap Cuts of Meat You Should Be Cooking With

Meat is expensive - but you don't have to skimp on flavor with these 5 Cheap (but awesome) cuts of meat! Tips and links of how to cook them included.

If you’re doing your best to stretch your grocery budget then you’ve probably noticed that meat can really be expensive. Even worse than that is that cheap cuts of meat seem intimidating if you don’t know how to cook them. Here are my thoughts on 5 cheap cuts of meat you should be cooking with if you’re not already.  I’ve also rounded up some delicious recipes to help give you ideas on how to enjoy yourself while you’re saving money. NOTE:  The prices listed were gathered from an Aldi store


15 Obstacles that Keep You From Saving Money on Groceries

15 Obstacles Saving Money Groceries

Saving money at the grocery store is one of the best ways to cut back on your spending, save for something big, or slash your debt. Grocery stores are designed to reel us in and trick us into spending more than we intend. With some extra knowledge on your part, these 15 obstacles that keep you from saving money at the grocery store won’t be an issue any longer. Knowledge is Power The more you know and understand about what and where you are shopping, the more you are going