Christmas Coupon Books – Printable coupon books for an inexpensive gift!

Posted at 1:55 PM on Dec 03, 2014 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Dec 3rd, 2014
Sometimes, the very best gifts are unexpected gestures of love from those closest to you. If you’ve ever been awakened by breakfast in bed, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Those random acts of kindness are the inspiration behind today’s
How to Make Potpourri

Posted at 9:00 PM on Nov 07, 2014 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Nov 7th, 2014
  One thing that I love to make and set on the stove is fresh potpourri.  The scent of the citrus and cinnamon makes my entire house smell amazing! I am sharing my favorite recipe for how to make potpourri. This also makes a fantastic Ch
Are you looking for a Frozen Costume? Look no further – here are 13 fun and frugal Frozen Costume Ideas!

Posted at 9:41 AM on Sep 24, 2014 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Sep 24th, 2014
Are you looking for a Frozen Costume Idea? I was Here are some super easy and practical ideas on how to make your own Frozen Costumes! Whether is be for a Birthday Party or Halloween, here are some great ideas! 1. Elsa Dress Tutorial fr
21 Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas – Including a Beautiful Frozen Birthday Cake!

Posted at 8:00 PM on Sep 02, 2014 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Sep 2nd, 2014
    Do you have any Frozen fans in your home?  I have three daughters under the age of five years old, so our house is still talking about Frozen.  My middle daughter turns four this year and she wants a Frozen Birthday party and a Frozen B
Printable Lunchbox notes – 20 printable kid-friendly joke cards

Posted at 8:40 PM on Aug 17, 2014 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Aug 17th, 2014

We spend a lot of time and effort preparing balanced and healthy options for our children’s school lunches, but wouldn’t it also be nice to add a little entertainment to that mid-day meal? Today’s craft – 20 printable kid-friendly joke cards – do e

Homemade Lotion Recipe

Posted at 9:10 PM on May 29, 2014 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

May 29th, 2014
  I LOVE using homemade lotion, so I thought I'd share my favorite homemade lotion recipe.   You only need three ingredients. Unrefined Coconut Oil (I got mine from Aldi for only $4.99 - a GREAT price!) Vitamin E capsules (the
Lavender Detox Bath Recipe

Posted at 8:19 PM on May 27, 2014 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

May 27th, 2014
  One of my favorite baths to take is a detox bath, so I wanted to share with you my favorite detox bath recipe.  A detox bath may help the body to flush out toxins, and it great to take when you feel like you are coming down with something.