DIY Upcycled Corn Bag – Homemade Heating Pad

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To be honest, the inspiration for this DIY Upcycled Corn Bag came from years of blood, sweat, and cold feet! I’m not sure why my feet are always so cold.  Maybe it’s the weather.  Maybe it’s genetics.  My husband swears my cold feet have been used as icy weapons on chilly nights when we might have had some unresolved conflict.  That’s just crazy talk! I just haven’t found a way to keep my feet comfortable without smothering them in 100% wool socks.  Then they sweat and I slip around on


Budget bedroom ideas – My designer bedroom makeover for under $100!

budget bedroom makeover

I am SO excited to share with you my Master Bedroom re-design that I’ve been working on the past two weekends.  First, let me share that we bought our current house 3 years ago and had never touched our bedroom until now.  It just was always the last item on the list, and since I am nesting BIG TIME I just decided to start painting it last weekend! First – let me show you the before picture (even though it’s a little embarrassing). There were a few major flaws in


How to Make Homemade Candles

Lavendar Candles

  I LOVE candles – but I hate the expensive price tag that many of them come with! I started doing some research on how to make homemade candles and found out that the supplies can be even more expensive to buy and make your own. So – off to the Dollar Store I went – hoping to find some inexpensive wax to make my own candles.     I was so excited to find packages of Emergency Candles for only $1.00.  There are 6 un-scented candles per package and


How to Roast Your Own Coffee

How to Roast Coffee at Home - Seriously, for $6 a pound, you can have Gourmet Coffee better than any coffee shop around!

Do you love coffee and have you ever wondered how to roast your own coffee at home? There is a small (but growing) community of people who roast coffee at home very inexpensively.  No pricy coffee roaster needed, just a decent air popcorn popper.  By no means am I an expert at roasting beans, but the process is pretty straight forward and hard to screw up.  Here is what I do: 1.) Get Green coffee beans.  I get mine from Burman Coffee Traders.  They have great prices on single-origin coffee


How to Make Potpourri

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  One thing that I love to make and set on the stove is fresh potpourri.  The scent of the citrus and cinnamon makes my entire house smell amazing! I am sharing my favorite recipe for how to make potpourri. This also makes a fantastic Christmas gift, I give mine away in a mason jar! Just make sure you make it and give it to the person that same day, then tell them to use it up by the end of the week.  Perfect for teachers and bosses, because it’s a


Are you looking for a Frozen Costume? Look no further – here are 13 fun and frugal Frozen Costume Ideas!

Are you looking for a Frozen Costume Idea? Here are some super easy and practical ideas on how to make your own Frozen Costumes!

Are you looking for a Frozen Costume Idea? I was Here are some super easy and practical ideas on how to make your own Frozen Costumes! Whether is be for a Birthday Party or Halloween, here are some great ideas! 1. Elsa Dress Tutorial from Girl.Inspired 2. DIY Anna Lotus Pendant from Instructables 3. Elsa Cape and Anna Cloak from The How To Mom 4. Icy Snow Gloves from Brassy Apple 5. DIY Olaf Costume from Desert Chica 6. DIY No Sew Kristoff Costume from Mom Endeavors 7. Olaf Hat


21 Disney Frozen Birthday Party Ideas – Including a Beautiful Frozen Birthday Cake!

Are you looking for Frozen Birthday Party ideas?  Here are some of my favorites!

    Do you have any Frozen fans in your home?  I have three daughters under the age of five years old, so our house is still talking about Frozen.  My middle daughter turns four this year and she wants a Frozen Birthday party and a Frozen Birthday Cake.   I decided to look around for the best Frozen Birthday Party ideas and put together a list for you. Here is a list of 21 fantastic Frozen birthday party ideas for you: 1. Frozen Silly Putty from Paging Fun Mums