How to Research Before You Buy + Tips on Negotiating the Best Price

Stop throwing away money! Learn How to Research Before you Buy + Tips on Negotiating the BEST PRICE!

When you are working within a budget or simply want to save money, it is important that you think about each and every one of your purchases. Impulse purchases can destroy your carefully-crafted budget. With these simple ways to save on purchases you can be sure that no matter what you are buying you are getting the very best deal possible. Here is how to research before you buy + tips on negotiating the best price: What to do Before you Buy: Saving starts the minute you decide you want to

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21 Ideas to Make the Most Out of Leftovers

Don't throw away that leftover food! Here are 21 Ideas to Make the Most out of Leftovers!

One of the biggest ways we waste money in our grocery budget is by having to throw out uneaten food. Let’s face it, although some leftovers get gobbled up, we often find ourselves with odds and ends. Every little bit of leftovers you have to throw out is money you could have saved. So how can you make the most of these leftovers? Here are some specific ideas for those tricky leftovers. Try some of these tips and maybe you’ll find yourself running out of leftovers! Pasta: Pasta just never seems


The Best Things to Buy at IKEA

Love IKEA? But overwhelmed at what the good deals might be? Here are the Best 8 Things to buy at IKEA!

If your decorating budget is tight, chances are you know all about Ikea. The Swedish superstore is known for its budget-friendly, stylish furniture. However, sometimes the quality of the items, while attractive, is not always the greatest. Due to the softer wood that is used to manufacture them, they may only hold up for a few years, especially if you have children in your home. However, there are definitely great deals to be found. The best things to buy at Ikea just might not be the furniture, so here are

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How to Find Designer Clothing at Thrift Stores

designer clothing thrift store fb

I LOVE thrift store shopping, but you have to know how to do it right to score the best deals.  I did some thrift store shopping today, and decided to record a video for you to help you get designer clothing for less at thrift stores. Here are some of the tips I mentioned in the video above: 1.) Check for new clothing with tags 2.) Don’t buy Walmart, Target, or Kohls clothing used. 3.) Some of my favorite brands to buy at thrift stores are Banana Republic and Ann


The 32 Best things to buy at Dollar General

Dollar General

I love finding good deals more than most things, and one of my favorite places to find them may not be a place you think about. Inside Dollar General stores you can find hidden gems that you would be paying almost 2-3 times more in a posh/upscale store.  I decided to put together a list of my top 32 things that I like to buy at Dollar General, plus some money saving tips along the way. Dollar General has some great ways to save money.  They accept manufacturer’s coupons and

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Top 10 Foods You Can Make Yourself Instead of Buying

Trying to start making more foods at home? Check out these Top 10 Foods you can Make Yourself very easily!

In the summer it can be really easy to fall into the trap of convenience when it comes to food! Summer can also be a great time to find a day or two to try cooking new things. There are many kitchen staples, foods you buy all the time, which you can easily make from scratch if you have a minute to try! Try planning a family or friends’ day to try making some of these new foods and see what you like. I usually find that anything homemade is

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25 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Sell on Ebay

Looking for some SURPRISING Ways to make extra cast? Check out these 25 things you never knew you could sell on eBay!

Are you getting ready for a yard sale? Maybe just trying to de-clutter? Before you throw out the ‘useless’ stuff kicking around your home, you might want to check this list of things you didn’t realize you could sell on eBay! I did some research for you and found some surprising things that you can sell on Ebay.  I took pictures of already SOLD listings, so you can see what kind of money people are getting for their items. I came up with some fun things – 25 Things you didn’t