A Day in the Life of a Blogger – Finding Balance between Family and Blogging


I hope you have enjoyed this blogging series – whether you are a blogger or not.  I hope it has enlightened you to the fact that blogging is NOT for the faint at heart, nor is it an easy job. However, it is a VERY rewarding job and perfect so I can stay at home with my kids and be a mommy! If you missed the first three posts on this topic, make sure you read  A Day in the Life of a Blogger,  How to How to Start a Blog.


A Day in the Life….How do I make money blogging?

This topic is a fun one for me, because many people do not know that you can actually make money blogging!  I am also very excited to talk about this, because I really strive to be honest about what I do behind the scenes as a blogger that make me money.  What people also don’t know is that I have to pay money to keep this blog running, so making money is necessary to make this all work. If you missed the first two posts on this topic, make sure


A Day in the Life as a Blogger….How to start a blog

The decision to start this blog came to me at my kitchen sink while I was washing dishes…The name of this blog also came to me while I was washing dishes at that same kitchen sink.  The name ‘I am THAT Lady’ was born out of the idea of always being ‘THAT lady’ at the grocery store.  You know, the ones whose has all her kids with her, while I am trying to pay for her groceries with $75 in coupons and $5 in cash  YUP – THAT one….. I


A Day in the Life as a Blogger – My daily Routine…

A Day

I have been wanting to do a series on Blogging for a long time – but just never had the time to put it all together. Thanks to some wonderful helpers on I am THAT Lady – I can sit down and put my thoughts together.  I wanted to give you a glimpse into my life as a blogger. I  hope to give some tips on starting your own blog and also ways to prioritize your time so you can be successful! Here is what my schedule looks like Monday –