Best deals on Tea and Coffee K Cups


The use of Tea and Coffee K cups continues to rise, but that doesn’t mean your budget has to rise along with it.  My goal is to help you learn how to save more money while still enjoying your K-Cup coffee.  There are so many ways to save on K-Cups and I am looking forward to helping you do just that!

Cheapest K Cups 

There are many places to find the Cheapest K-Cups if you are looking.  My goal is to buy them when I can find them under $0.50 per K-Cup.  I have a few favorite stores and strategies to finding my K-Cups for under $0.50 per cup, which is much cheaper than Starbucks!


Best Single Cup Coffee Makers

I have owned many Single Cup Coffee Makers, and I have found the best ones at great prices. As a busy mom it is key that I can make my coffee quickly, so follow my tips on how to find the Best Single-Cup Coffee Makers for less money!


K Cup Flavors

The popularity of K-Cups has risen which means that so have the variety of K Cup Flavors.  There are Coffee K-Cups, ones for Tea, Iced Tea, Iced Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, Chai Latte and more!  You can find them in any flavor you can imagine, Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry Lemonade Tea, and much much more!


K Cup Holders

K-Cup Holders are perfect for occasions where everyone wants to to drink something different, no more digging through boxes of K-Cups to find the correct one.  You can find K-Cup Holders in many different styles; K-Cup Drawers, Carousel towers,  Coffee Baskets, or Storage Racks that can easily be mounted to your wall.

There are a good number of re-usable k-cups too. Reusable k-cups can be much cheaper than their branded, disposable counterparts.


K Cups Bulk

Purchasing K Cups in Bulk can sometimes mean that you spend less money, but it also can mean that you have less variety of what you will be drinking.  They do make K cups in Bulk that do have many diffrence flavors, so I recommend purchasing one of those bulk boxes.


K Cups tea

There are many different flavors of K Cups for Tea, many reputable tea companies like Celestial Tea, Twinings Tea, and Tazo have opted to now serve their tea’s in K-Cup form.


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