Easy Italian Sausage Soup

This it the BEST and easiest Italian Sausage Soup Recipe - looks amazing!

This Easy Italian Sausage Soup recipe is super easy, has very few ingredients, and is just perfect for the colder weather.  My son loves it, and he’s not much of a soup eater.  Italian sausage is obviously the main ingredient, and it’s much easier if you can buy the sausage bulk or loose (not in casing).

You can print off this recipe below for your convenience:

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    • says

      We usually use a Cabernet or a Merlot. Remember that cooking with wine concentrates the flavor, so it should be something you enjoy out of the bottle but have no sugar added to the wine.

  1. Jennifer says

    Can this be adapted for the slow cooker? I don’t have time on the weeknights to have something simmer for 1.5 hours. Thanks!

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