42 Easy Toddler Crafts

Here is are 42 Creative Toddler Craft Ideas for your kids - click here to print try them out!

I’m planning ahead for summer and needed some easy toddler craft ideas for my two year old.  I came up with this list of simple and fun activities to keep your kiddos occupied all day long!

Here are 42 toddler crafts to try:

  1. Water Color Name Painting
  2. Handprint Flower Bouquet
  3. Rainbow Paper Craft
  4. Sensory Bottles
  5. Handprint Caterpillar
  6. “Stained Glass” Window Projects
  7. Bath Crayons
  8. Rainbow Wind Catcher
  9. A Cup of Spring
  10. Clothespin Dragonfly
  11. Pinchy Parrots
  12. Yarn Bird’s Nest
  13. Edible Yogurt Paint
  14. Squeeze Bottle Paint
  15. Scribble Table
  16. Mud Paint
  17. Cheerio Bird Feeders
  18. Mosaics
  19. Recycled Sculpture
  20. Butterfly Baggie
  21. Bubble Guppies Tambourine
  22. Paper Frog Puppet
  23. Potato Stamps
  24. Printable Alphabet Blocks
  25. Recycled Lego Crayons
  26. Paper Plate Spider Web
  27. Birds in a Nest
  28. DIY Drum
  29. Car Track Painting
  30. Raised Salt Painting
  31. DIY Gak
  32. Bunny Craft
  33. Colorful Crowns
  34. Cloud Dough
  35. Leaf Prints
  36. Simple Sailboat
  37. Origami Finger Puppets
  38. Plant Pals
  39. Glue Play
  40. Sparkly Butterfly Card
  41. Paint in a Baggy
  42. Religious Easter Coloring Pages

For more fun ideas:

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  1. marissa says

    I can’t wait to do something of these crafts with my toddler! Thank you for putting this article up, it has gave me a lot of great crafts to do since typhoon season is right around the corner here and my son will be stuck in the house. :)

  2. silvia says

    Hi Lauren,

    Thanks for the great ideas, My daughter which is 21 months has the same name :) So on this post you said these ideas were for your two year old …Some of them seem quite advance I am just curious if you were able to have your two year old interested in a lot of them or if the attention spam and ability were there?

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