How to Coupon Effectively

Are you sick and tired of spending so much money in the grocery store?  Are you looking for a way to decrease your grocery bill?

This book is perfect for you!  It is full of simple and practical steps that even the the busiest mom can use to save 50% or more in the grocery store!

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Take A Glimpse Inside The Book:

7 important things you will learn:


  1. How to avoid the #1 mistake most people make when using coupons.
  2. Why Coupon? The hourly wage way of thinking about couponing.
  3. Where to find Coupons. Learn how to get coupons for free!
  4. The best digital coupons.  Discover the best 6 money saving apps.
  5. How to organize your coupons. The best 4 ways to organize your coupons to save more money.
  6. How to Create a Successful Grocery Budget. Simple tips to set a grocery budget that you can actually stick to.
  7. Meal Planning Strategy.  How to meal plan around sales and coupons to help you save 50% or more off your grocery budget.

About The Author

Lauren Greutman is the proud mom of 4 young kids.  She is the founder of the website - one of the top personal finance blogs in New York State. After finding herself in over $40,000 worth of debt at the age of 25, she learned that she needed to make some serious changes in the way she viewed money.  She started using coupons and was able to cut her grocery budget down from $1,000 per month to $200 per month.

She has taught thousands of men and women how to save money using coupons, decrease their grocery bill by 50% or more every week!

Lauren has been featured on Nightline, Good Morning America, and Dr. Oz.

She has also appeared in National publications like All You Magazine and is a regular guest in her local media in Upstate New York.

She has a passion for seeing busy moms realize that they to can contribute to their household finances, even with a sink full of dirty dishes and a house full of unmade beds.

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