How to Kill Fruit Flies {With things you already have in your home}

Fruit flies may be the most annoying creatures in the world!  I tried just about everything to kill them, but this was the only thing that worked.  This is how many flies I caught in 5 minutes!

We have been having some issues with fruit flies this year, and no matter how much we hide our fruit and produce they were still there.

I tried creating a funnel and putting a pieces of fruit at the bottom, it didn’t work. I also tried putting apple cider vinegar in a bowl and covering it with saran wrap that had holes in it.  NOTHING was working.

This is the only thing that worked for us:

  1. Fill small bowl with Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. Add 2 -3 drops of Dish Soap
  3. Mix together with a spoon and set out.

As you can see, it worked! Within a few minutes of putting this out on the counter, we caught SO many fruit flies.  It seems that the apple cider vinegar brings them in and the dish soap makes it slippery so they can’t get out.


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  1. Brenda says

    We actually put it in a plastic cup with plastic wrap on the top. We put a rubber band to seal it and poke holes in the plastic wrap. They find their way in and stay in there. This helps to keep the odor for everyone else low. When it is no longer working we just toss the cup and all and make a new one.

      • Tiffany says

        For ants I found putting vinegar, water, and a small bit of dish soap to lower the vinegar odor in a spray bottle. I had them bad all over my cupboards and since I sprayed I have only seen a few strays.

          • Jennifer says

            For ants, if you can find where they come in, draw a chalk line around it. If you can’t find it, just draw a line around the base of your house. They will run away and not come back, well maybe if it washes off they will. But mine haven’t in over 6 months and the rain washed my chalk away long ago.

    • Kathit says

      I have found that plain old borax works wonderfully. Sprinkle it around areas that ants will get into. I also sprinkled it around their homes and have had no problems with ants this year once the sprinklers came on and mixed the borax into the ground.

    • Pinky at Moose Hollow Farm says

      If you mix Borax with a little sugar and put it out that will kill the ants. Also sprinkle some borax around the outside of your home as well.

  2. Michele says

    I thought we were the only ones this year with those pests…I use dish soap and coffee..for some reason they love coffee. I’m going to try this, I have gone to pick up the cup filled with coffee and so many times have almost drank out of it, ick…much better to use apple cider vinegar and soap..Thanks!

  3. Lakeisha says

    when leaving in my apartment the apple cider vinegar in a cup with wrap over it worked great but when I tried it after moving in with my husband it did not work. I like the idea of adding the dish soap will try it if we have problems this year.

  4. Tarita says

    Do you know how I can get rid of fleas? I don’t want to use chemicals. I have cats and would like to be able to use something that won’t hurt them.

  5. says

    Borax works great for fleas too! Sprinkle on the carpet, sofa, wherever your pets lays, and work it in with a broom. Will work on your yard too! No need to work into the soil, just sprinkle on the lawn!

  6. says

    If you have a lot of fruit flies, start by vacuuming them first. That gets the numbers down and then use the flytrap.
    Both these methods when used together can work wonders.

  7. christianna says

    the dish soap breaks the tension on the surface of the liquid so they can’t “sit” on top of it. that’s why this works only when you mix dish soap in.
    the sweet scent of the apple cider vinegar (as opposed to regular white vinegar) attracts them. they try to land on the surface of the liquid, but they sink in and then drown.
    this works great for us!

  8. Lee Ann says

    I do this too, wine vinegar works as well. I also put it in a jar with holes poked in the screw on lid.
    My dad was seriously infested, and I did this and it wouldn’t get rid of them. Not until I looked at his garbage can lid, and found fly eggs ALL around the underside of the edge. Once I got rid of them (EWWW) I used the vinegar trick again, and caught all of them.
    Now, I keep his kitchen garbage can bleached on the inside, and NO more flies!

  9. Cathy says

    My sister-in-law has a grooming shop and when customers bring in a dog infested with fleas, they are careful at the end of the work day they sprinkle dry Borateem borax powder on the floors. Suffocates the fleas. Next morning all they do is sweep it up.

  10. says

    When I first put it out, a couple of them sat on the side of the bowl. Then one fell in, and I thought maybe his peers were warning everyone because there were no others in it. Then I went back an hour later, and there are about 20 now! Thanks!

  11. Karilyn Hotchkiss says

    I ordered a bunch of these mini apple shaped traps made by “Terro” on They aren’t what I would classify as cheap but they work really well too.

  12. June says

    I leave a less than half full plastic cider vinegar bottle open on the kitchen counter. They go in and can’t get out. The bottle has a small neck.

  13. Carolyn says

    I just put a shot glass 1/4th filled with Brandy. works like a charm! The apple cider vinegar always took so much longer and hardly worked, but the fruit flies drowned themselves in the brandy immediately

  14. Cathy says

    Fruit flies breed in the kitchen drain. Last person to use the kitchen sink at night pour a little bleach down to kill them.

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