How to successfully print coupons from your iPhone and iPad!

We had a discussion last night on my Facebook Page on how to Successfully print coupons from from your iPhone and iPad.

It is actually very simple, you will first need to download the app from the App store on your iPhone or iPad, this is FREE to download.

You will also need to make sure that you iPhone and iPad are connected to your local WiFi network so it can detect the printer.

I have this HP Photosmart 5550 Wireless 3 in 1 printer – most HP wireless printers can be detected by your iPhone.  I had to install my printer driver on my computer and make sure I put it on my Wireless Network, make sure my home computer was on, and then make sure that my HP printer’s wireless feature was on.  I had issues with this at first, but I went to my printer and I didn’t have the Wireless button pushed on my printer.

Now when you go to your App you can select the coupons that you want, click on view list, and then print.  Your iPhone or iPad should automatically detect your printer, and you can send the coupons right to your printer!

So hopefully this helped you successfully print coupons from your iPhone or iPad!

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  1. dawn says

    You should know…….In the help/faq/term sections it states “at this time the coupons app can ONLY print to hp printer.

  2. Bobbi Kilbarger says

    I have a printer that should let both apple and android devices print to it, but I cannot figure out how to get it to work on my Android phone. Could you maybe do a similar thing with how to print from android devices?

  3. Rhiannon says

    Lauren, I am having such a hard time. Will it only work with hp printers? I have a Kodak and it just won’t connect. I don’t understand.

  4. May says

    Lauren, My app on the Ipad cant seem to detect my hp printer. can you give some scenarios that I can try to see if it detects my print. I bought this printer just for printing from my ipad. Help!!

  5. May says

    I did. I’ve tried everything. I bought this printer just so I can print coupons from my iPad. I have a Hp laserjet pro 1102w. My iPad and the wireless printer is on the same network. I’m able to print on the iPad, but for some reason the app can not detect the printer to print the coupons..

  6. Maeghanbryant says

    Has anybody been able to find the “Savings Club” coupons in the app? I haven’t been able to figure out how to get to those.

  7. Awilson says

    I also went and bought an HP 8100 office pro can print fin from every where else just not this app it can not locate my printer :(

  8. Miriam says

    Can you tell me how can i print fron bricks and smart, and replum on my iphone i was trying to dowmload the coupon print but i couldnt fo it. Please help me :) thanks

  9. brandon says

    I call bull****! will not allow
    Actual coupons to be printed from any mobile device without sending to email from an IP address. Sorry to burst a bubble

    • Sheli says

      You are actually incorrect. If you have an AirPrint capable HP printer and an iPad and/or iPhone with the app, you can print directly from the device. I know this comment is several months old but for people like me who Google things and read comments for answers, I didn’t want them to believe this false comment :)

  10. Merlitta says

    I have a brother wireless laser printer and it still will not let me print from my coupons .com app on my ipad

  11. paty says

    I just bought a espon 410 series wireless printe. I’m able to print from iPad n iPhone but I’m not able to print from . it’s states printer is not supported. any suggestions or advice on how to fix this? thanks

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