Holiday Recipes – Kahlua & Cream Trifle

For Christmas as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias,  I made this easy and delicious Holiday Recipe called Kahlua & Cream Trifle with ingredients found at Price Chopper Supermarkets including Betty Crocker cake mix.

Here is a recipe for an AMAZING Kahlua and Cream Trifle - easy and simple for any holiday party! #shop

One of the best things about the Christmas season is the holiday recipes.  And while a prime rib or turkey might be the main course at Christmas dinner, let’s be honest; it’s the desserts that steal the show. At parties and family functions, a nice spread of holiday-themed deserts is a glorious sight.  This Kahlua and Cream Trifle is a super easy, delicious recipe that is sure to get attention and rave reviews. It is chocolatey and creamy with hints of Kalhua and a bit of strawberry.

To pick up the ingredients, I took my son with me.  We were also picking up items to make a a dessert that the kids were going to help me with (more on this below).  On the way back from Price Chopper, my son, Andrew, asked me what I was making with the items I bought.  I answered, “a trifle.”  He responded “uh… like a gun?”  Not exactly.  So what is a trifle?  Basically, using only a few ingredients and layer them in a deep glass dish in an attractive way. This was my first time making one, and it was very easy.

These are the ingredients to make a Kahlua and Creme Trifle #shop

I made this dessert gluten-free by using a Betty Crocker gluten-free cake mix, but this can easily be made with a regular Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix as well.  You can see all the ingredients that I used in the picture above, it’s very simple!

Using Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake mix to make a Kahlua and Cream Trifle #shop

And here is the finished product:

A delcious Kahlua and Cream Trifle is perfect for any holiday party! #shop

While the kids would probably also enjoy the trifle (with the exception of the 1 tsp of Kalhua in the pudding, all the alcohol will cook off while baking) it certainly has a more grown-up vibe to it.  My son was much more excited about buying ingredients to make Christmas-themed Chex Muddy Buddies.  If you’ve made Chex Muddy Buddies before, you would know two things about them: they are delicious, and shaking them in a bag is the most fun part of the recipe. Kids love to help with that.  The recipe is basically taken from the back of the Chex box, but I added some sprinkles to give it a Christmas flair.

The BEST Chex Muddy Buddy Recipe! #shop

Funny story – the sprinkles were the last item I needed at Price Chopper, and I did not know where they were.  Andrew, however, knew exactly where they were.  My kids love sprinkles.


The kids love to help me!

The girls LOVED to help me shake the Muddy Buddies in the plastic bags!  They enjoy feeling like they are a part of making their own treats – it makes it that much more fun to eat too!

Disclosure: For Christmas as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®  I made this easy and delicious Kahlua & Cream Trifle with ingredients found at Price Chopper Supermarkets and Betty Crocker cake mix.

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  1. says

    Uhm…. YUM! I’m definitely craving that trifle right now! It looks so good! Might have to make this for our family christmas, since my cousin is gluten intolerant! I love that your son knew right where to find the sprinkles! And that photo of your girls? PRICELESS!

  2. says

    Um, YES just yes. This looks absolutely perfect and the fact that it is gluten free, is so great because you can make it for those who wouldn’t normally be able to eat it, instead of just those who aren’t gluten free. Fabulous idea. Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up to Thrifty Thursday.

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