Welcome Fox & Friends Viewers – 5 ways to save on Back to School


If you saw my segment on Fox & Friends this morning, you may be interested in knowing more about the Apps that I spoke about on the show. Today, I spoke about back to school savings tips. There are so many great ways to save. 1.) Make a spreadsheet of all of the items you need, compile your list in one place. That way you don’t forget anything. 2.) Know Price Matching policies at your stores Walmart – will price match any competitor ads Target – will price match any competitor ads


My Frugal Bathroom Makeover for under $200

bathroom makeover

We have lived in our house for five years now, and every time I walked into my downstairs bathroom I wanted to puke. That is a pretty long time to hate a part of your house, but I just didn’t have the time to do it. I’ve been planning and searching Pinterest for well over a year now, trying to come up with the perfect idea to makeover our downstairs bath and laundry room for less. My budget was $200 and I went just a tad bit under! My downstairs bathroom


13 Ways to Make an Easy $100

Looking for some creative ways to make extra money? Check out these 13 Ways to Make $100!

Looking for ways to make extra money? Whether you are struggling to make ends meet, need to pay for a surprise expense, or you’re trying to save for something extra, finding ways to boost your income is essential. When your day is booked solid and you already work a 9 to 5, it may seem like fitting more work into your life is impossible. With these 10 ways to make an easy $100, you’ll be achieving those financial goals in no time. Sell Something in Your Home 1. Yard Sales


Slowcooker BBQ Meatloaf

Stop looking for Meatloaf recipes! This will be the last one you make - it is absolutely perfect! So much flavor, so moist, and SO EASY! This is designed for your crockpot!

Meatloaf is one of the greatest comfort foods on the planet. And I’ve got the perfect recipe for you. Best of all, this is a crockpot meatloaf recipe, so it could not get any easier. And this is like “out-of-this-world” good. Let me put it this way – if Ralphie’s little brother from ‘A Christmas Story’ was served this meatloaf instead of his mother’s, he would have devoured it without having to be tricked into eating “like the piggies eat”. All of my kids were eating this last night  –

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Texas Roadhouse Pot Roast

Pot Roast doesn't have to be boring! This Texas Roadhouse Crockpot Pot Roast is PACKED with flavor. You will LOVE this!

Is there a meal more boring and bland than crockpot pot roast? At least, that’s how our parents might have made it. Well this piece of beef is anything but bland. This Texas Roadhouse Pot Roast is PACKED with flavor. There will NOT be leftovers with this one. It starts with a chuck roast… the classic pot roast cut. There’s no reason to mess with that – the chuck roast is one of the most flavorful and rich cuts of beef. As for the instructions – basically the only work is

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7 Awesome Ways to Save on Gas

Looking for more ways to save on gas Check out these 7 Awesome ways to save at the pump!

Gas prices fluctuate, but there are some things you can do in high times and low to save gas.  These seven simple ways to save on gas will save you money and even a little time. 1. Order Your Errands Based on Driving Path Arrange the order of your errands based on a map and traffic schedule.  Avoid idling your engine by staying out of rush hour traffic when possible. Idling is one of the biggest ways to spend more on gas than you need to. Use a map to plan

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How Your Hobby Could Make You Some Cash

Looking for Extra Cash? You might not have to look any further than your current hobbies! Here are some awesome ways to make extra money doing things you already enjoy doing!

Many times people can spend so much money pursuing a hobby. I know I’ve been guilty of that in the past. (Please don’t look in my overflowing craft closet.) On the other hand, what if instead, you were able to make money by doing something you already enjoy doing? Here are a few ideas on how to make some money on your favorite pastime. If you’re a musician then you might have just the tools to help someone else and make some cash at the same time.  Teaching music lessons

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