7 Natural Ingredients X 7 Combinations = 7 DIY Homemade Baby Products

Posted at 1:00 PM on Apr 13, 2015 by I am THAT Lady: Beth Klongpayabal

Apr 13th, 2015

Are you wanting to make your own  homemade baby products? Here are 7 recipes that use 7 natural ingredients. You just have to try them!

Feel confident that you are taking care of your baby naturally with these DIY baby products.  Gather these 5 natural ingredients and 2 multi-purpose essential oils, and make these homemade baby products.  These DIY baby product recipes will show you how to mix and create 7 simple baby care products naturally at home.

I’ll also share with you some easy steps on how you can buy quality essential oils at wholesale prices including the two that are featured in these recipes.

Essential Oils

Natural Ingredients

Baby Laundry Horizontal

DIY Baby Laundry Detergent

(safe for cloth diapers)

  • ⅓ cup Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap – Unscented
  • 1 teaspoon Vegetable Glycerin
  • 10 drops Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Essential Oil
  1. Mix the soap, glycerin, and essential oil in a cup before adding to your washing machine.
  2. Wash on normal cycle.

For cloth diaper laundry:  Wash on your normal cycle adding an extra rinse if you desire.  This recipe will thoroughly clean your cloth diapers without leaving a residue.  The essential oil will kill odor causing bacteria and leave your diapers extra clean.

Cloth Diaper Sanitizer and Brightener

  • 1 cup 3% hydrogen peroxide
  1. If you’re using prefolds, you can add 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide to your wash.

This will have natural sanitizing action that will kill bacteria and also remove stains.  Your prefolds will be brighter and whiter without bleach.

baby wipes solution horizontal

Baby Wipes Solution

  • 1 tablespoon Jojoba Oil
  • 1 teaspoon Vegetable Glycerin
  • 1 teaspoon Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap – Unscented
  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 1 cup water
  1. Mix all ingredients.   Store mixture in a dark or colored container.  This solution will keep for a few weeks.

You can use this directly from a spray bottle on baby’s bottom and then wipe away with a clean cloth.  I prefer to store the cloths in the solution in a recycled wipes box.  This way they’re always ready and the diaper change is faster.

baby wash horizontal

DIY Baby Wash and Baby Shampoo

  • 1 teaspoon Baby Mild Pure Castile Soap – Unscented (about a dime sized amount in your palm)
  • 1 drop Vegetable Glycerin
  • 1 drop Lavender Essential Oil
  1. In your hand, combine the soap, glycerin, and lavender essential oil and swirl with your finger to combine.  Apply as a shampoo and body wash.
  2. Make sure to rinse thoroughly from hair and body.

The soap is very gentle on the skin, but it does not have the “tear free” chemicals found in many commercial baby shampoos.  So use extra caution taking great care not to get in baby’s eyes or mouth.

cradle cap horizontal

DIY Cradle Cap Treatment

  • 1 teaspoon Jojoba Oil
  • 1 drop Lavender Essential Oil

Cradle Cap is very common but can be frustrating for parents.  Use this protocol to help clear away the buildup.

  1. Combine the jojoba and lavender in the palm of your hand and mix together with your fingertip.
  2. Apply the mixture directly to the scaly/crusty area of the scalp.  Careful not to get near the baby’s face.
  3. Gently massage the oil into the affected areas for 5 minutes to encourage absorption and softening of the scales and flakes.
  4. Let this sit during baby’s nap or about 2 hours if you can manage.
  5. Using a soft bristle baby brush, make small, gentle, circular motions all over the treated area. (NEVER scrape or peel the flakes.  This can damage your baby’s skin.)
  6. Use a baby comb to gently and patiently remove the loosened flakes.  If baby gets frustrated or anxious, cease this step and move to the next step where more loose flakes will be removed.
  7. Use the Soothing Baby Wash and Shampoo to wash out the jojoba oil residue and flakes.  You might want to rinse several times.

Don’t worry if some oil is left behind.  Jojoba oil is well absorbed by the hair and skin and acts as a non-greasy conditioner and softener.

The scales won’t all come off the first time, but this gentle treatment can be repeated daily until the area is clear of buildup.

The lavender oil will soothe the baby and help keep her calm while you treat her hair and scalp.  It can also help in healing any skin irritation that might arise on baby’s delicate skin.

toy cleaner horizontal

DIY Baby Safe Toy Cleaner

  • 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  1. Add peroxide to a spray bottle.  Do not dilute.  The 3% solution is strong enough to do the clean thoroughly and still be safe for children.
  2. Spray directly on toys, high chairs, play seats, and any other plastic or wood baby items.

This will kill germs and still be completely safe.  No need to rinse.  Allow to dry completely before putting in baby’s reach.

If you’re interested in getting started using quality essential oils, you can sign up here to get wholesale pricing and a personal welcome package from me.

diaper cream horizontal

DIY Diaper Cream

Soothing for rashes and safe for cloth diapers

  • ½ cup Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  1. Mix the ingredients and store in a tightly sealed glass jar in a cool, dark place.  This diaper cream will become liquid if stored above 76 degrees F.  You can place it in the refrigerator in between uses.
  2. Apply at every diaper change to protect baby’s delicate skin.

The coconut oil is amazingly nourishing for baby’s bottom.  It moisturizes the skin and even has antimicrobial properties which can help prevent growth of bacteria in the warm, dampness between diaper changes.

The lavender essential oil can help the baby heal from a diaper rash or minor skin irritation.  It is also soothing and aromatherapeutic, calming baby and bringing a sense of peace and wellness.

yeast diaper cream vertical

*BONUS recipe variation*

DIY Diaper Cream (when yeast is suspected)

Moisturizing and antifungal (kills yeast, yes!).   This cream is gentle on baby and safe for cloth diapers.

  • 1/2 tablespoon Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 1 drops Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Essential Oil
  1. Mix the ingredients.
  2. Apply liberally to the entire diaper area.

This is enough for a single use.  I like to mix up only as much as I need so as not to contaminate the storage container with any microbes.

Coconut oil and melaleuca alternifolia essential oil are both proven to be antifungal.  This will help alleviate the yeast.

You should change the baby’s diaper often if yeast is suspected so as not to give the yeast time to reproduce in a warm, dark, and moist environment.

You want the best for your sweet baby.  If you’ve read the ingredient list on your baby supplies then you might have wondered if there was a more natural approach.  These 7 ingredients X 7 combinations = 7 DIY baby products use proven gentle essential oils and natural ingredients to care for your little one naturally.

all products horizontal 4

Here are the easy steps to buy quality essential oils at wholesale prices.

 1. Click on this link and fill in your information.  Please use your laptop or desktop to sign-up, instead of your smartphone or tablet

 2. Be sure the “Wholesale Member” option is checked so that you don’t end up paying retail prices (which are 24% more than wholesale).

3. Be sure the “sponsor ID” and “enroller id” say 2599082 (This will confirm your order so I can send you your free book!)

4. If you do not feel comfortable putting in your social security number then you can get an EIN from the IRS and use that number instead (the IRS just needs to be able to connect some number with you for tax purposes – It’s super fast and easy to do!).   Young Living needs a Social Security Number or an EIN because if you make $600 or more per year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail (which is required by law).

Keep in mind that if you use an EIN, you will need to talk to your accountant about filing quarterly taxes.

Here’s the link for an EIN: https://sa1.www4.irs.gov/modiein/individual/index.jsp

Or, if you feel more comfortable, you can visit irs.gov and search for “Employer Identification Number (EIN).”

  1. Select which starter kit you want to get. My recommendation would be the Premium Starter Kit (and that’s the one that qualifies you for the free reference book that I’ll send out!)   All of the oils mentioned in this post are currently available in the Everyday Oils Essential Oils Collection which comes in your Premium Starter Kit.  You can get one of the kits that are $150, or you can get a kit for $160 with the bamboo essential oil diffuser.
  2. Step 3 is a completely OPTIONAL part of the sign-up process. If you’re going to be purchasing products monthly then it’s a great program that will give you credit back with each order and save you on shipping costs.
  3. Go through the checkout process.
  4.  After you sign up, send me (Beth) an email to vabethk@gmail.com letting me know that you signed up through me so that I will know to send you your book.  Feel free to ask any questions in the email and I will also help you find the information that you need.


My Honest Stitch Fix Review

Posted at 9:08 AM on Apr 09, 2015 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Apr 9th, 2015

Have you heard about Stitch Fix? It is a where you get styled by a stylist, then get clothes sent to you through the mail. I wanted to try it out and honestly I wasn't so impressed - here is my Honest Stitch Fix Review.

I confess that I love a new pair of jeans, a nice pair of pumps, and a fresh new look!  However, I am usually the girl that finds those said items at a thrift store for $1.00 per item.  I’ve been seeing a lot of bloggers write about Stitch Fix lately, so I thought I would try it out myself.  I honestly had no idea what Stitch Fix was, other than a styling service, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to at least try.

First – a little background on Stitch Fix. Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to blend expert styling, proprietary technology and unique product to deliver a shopping experience that is truly personalized for you. Simply fill out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and your personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. Simply buy what you like and return the rest.

In this post I will walk you through how Stitch Fix works, step by step and my experience using the service.

Step 1:

Take a personal style quiz. This helps the personal stylist get to know your style and what you like to wear.  It was a pretty fast quiz, and it only took me about 10 minutes to do it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.56.09 AM

To get your first Stitch Fix box you will need to pay a $20.00 Styling Fee.  NOTE: This fee does NOT include any of the clothing that is sent to you.  This is important and I will share why later in this post.

Step 2:

Receive five personalized clothing items picked especially for you.


This is what my box looked like.  It was very well presented, I felt like I was getting a gift  and I was so excited to open it!  Inside your Stitch Fix Box is a prepaid Priority mail envelope, this is to return any of the clothes that you do not want to keep.  You will also get a styling card that shows you how to assemble certain looks with the items in your Stitch Fix box.


Step 3:

Only pay for the items that you keep and return the others in the prepaid envelope.  The $20.00 styling fee that you paid up front will be deducted from the total amount of the clothes that you decide to keep.

This is where I screwed up – the frugal minded Lauren thought that the $20.00 style fee included the clothes.  When I got my items I immediately tried the jeans on, loved them, and ripped the tags off.  I did the same with a shirt.  I then realized that I could not return them because the tags were not on them, looked at the price tags of both items and nearly FAINTED!  The jeans that they sent me were $78.00 jeans – this thrift store junky just couldn’t handle it!  That would basically be an entire year of clothing for me – seriously people!

The shirt that I ripped the tags off was $48.00 – WHAT THE WHAT?!?!    Who in the world spends that kind of money on a shirt????  I also took the tags off of the scarf, and after reading the price tag realized that was just a $28.00 mistake. I didn’t even like the scarf, it made me feel like my neck was swimming in a sea of birds.

I was immediately upset and this is why… I am so frugal that sometimes I don’t think the way ‘other’ people think. I thought that the $20.00 Styling fee included the clothing and then you could send back the clothes if you want a refund. I obviously didn’t read, or study how this all works.  I was also upset because when doing the survey I selected ‘the cheaper the clothes the better’.  I assumed that they would send me reasonably priced clothing, but apparently my definition of frugal is different than most.

The items that they sent to me were beautiful, I loved all of them but ultimately returned two of them because of the price and fit.  The mistake of ripping the tags off cost me $134.00 – OUCH!  All I kept on thinking was, “How am I going to tell Mark, we didn’t have this in our budget”?  Thankfully he wasn’t upset, and we giggled about it later on in the day.

Here are the items and my verdict on all of them:


Jacket – Price at $78.00.

Verdict – SENT BACK.

I liked the ‘idea’ of this, but it was too small and didn’t fit my body shape.


Scarf – $28.00

Verdict – KEPT, but only because I took the tags off of it.

I am not a huge fan of big scarves and this one is BIG! Plus, $28 for a scarf is really expensive for me.


Jeans – $78

Verdict – KEPT

I only kept these because I took the tags off of them. If I had seen the price tag before I took it off, there is a 0% chance I would have kept them.  I actually REALLY like them but would never pay $78 for a pair of jeans.  The last ones I got were $2.50 at the thrift store.


Grey 3/4 sleeve shirt – $48

Verdict – KEPT

I REALLY REALLY love this shirt – but the price tag of $48 is just not my thing!  I kept it because I had to, I would have returned it if I hadn’t ripped off those price tags.


Blue sleeveless shirt – (I can’t remember the price, it was over $30)

Verdict – SENT BACK

I liked this shirt, but it bunched weird in the stomach area. It made me look pregnant. I loved the color, but the price tag was way too high for me.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.23.06 AM

After you try everything on and figure out what you are going to keep, you tell them what you will return and what you will hang onto.  This was my final bill – $134.00 for THREE items!  THREE – Yes I said THREE!!!  They did deduct the $20.00 Styling fee that I already paid, but I am not sure what happens if you decide to return everything.  That may be worth looking into a bit more.

Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Clothing is expensive
  • $20.00 styling fee may not be given back if you return all of the clothing
  • You can’t try the clothes on before they send them to you.
  • Don’t rip the tags off – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, lol!


  • Clothing was adorable
  • I loved the personal styling card that was included in the box.
  • It was great to have someone style me
  • Fun and Exciting to get your first box

All in all – I loved most of the clothes but they were just WAY too expensive! Since I am such a thrift store junky, I wouldn’t do it again.  If you have a love for fashion and a budget for it, then I would definitely recommend it.

stitch fix review - FB

I wanted to make sure that you know that I was not compensated at all for this review, I was honestly really interested in what happens during the Stitch Fix process.  I do have a personal referral link that you can use here if you are interested in trying it out for yourself.

8 Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell Without Spending Much Money

Posted at 8:00 AM on Apr 08, 2015 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Apr 8th, 2015

8 ways to get your house ready to sell without going broke.

Selling your house can be very stressful, especially if you have kids running around.  Spring seems to be the time of year people are either looking to buy a house or are trying to sell theirs. That being said, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about how to get your house ready to sell without spending too much money.


Five and a half years ago, after I had just had my second child, we had a huge surprise in job situations  and needed to move. We were going to be moving from our 3,200 sq ft home. back to family in New York State. We found this out when Hannah was just five-days old.  Trying to get a house ready to sell with a newborn was CRAZY, but thankfully with just a few simple tips and updates, we sold our house in three weeks for CASH!

Here are the 8 things that I did to get my house ready to sell, without spending too much money:

1.) Invest in a deep house cleaner before you list it

 This is a HUGE deal. Having a quick sale of your house means having a ‘brand new to them’ house.  New home buyers will see everything that you don’t.  We invested $200 in getting the house professionally cleaned before our first showing.  This made it easy for us to keep clean, and the buyers knew they were getting a home that was well taken care of.  Have your windows professionally cleaned to give your home a lighter feel.


2.) Buy fresh white towels and bath mats at the Dollar Store or Walmart

Buy fresh white towels and bath mats for all of the bathrooms in your home.   You don’t need to spend a lot of money, and you can often find these items at the dollar store.  Lay out your towels on the sinks to give it a spa like feeling, and replace old bath mats with the new ones.  The secret tip is – keep these new towels folded up and safe, then take them out and put them out only for the showing. When the showing is over, fold them back up and store until the next one.

3.) Clear Clutter and Family pictures

Staging your home helps you highlight your home’s strengths, hide its weaknesses and helps it appeal to buyers. It’s important to remove clutter and depersonalize your home. Removing the clutter gives your home the feeling of having more space. Depersonalizing your home will give home buyers the opportunity to imagine living in your home and making their own memories there rather than taking a tour down your family’s memory lane.

Family Pictures on the wall aren’t necessarily bad, but when your walls are loaded with pictures it can turn a buyer off.  Take down clutter from the fridge, kids walls, and as many family pictures as you can. The buyer wants to see themselves in your house.


4.) Highlight accents in the house

When we were selling our house we had a huge master bathroom. The only downside was that it didn’t have the double sinks most homeowners are looking for.  It did have a huge bathtub with a separate shower stall.  I decided to play up the appeal of the bathtub and purchased fake rose petals from the dollar store. Each time we had a showing, I would fill the tub and pour the petals into the tub. Then set some candles around the exterior of the tub, making it look like a spa. Instead of people seeing the downside of the missing sink, they saw themselves soaking in a tub after a long day of work.

5.) Bake Chocolate chip cookies right before the showing

 You’ve probably heard this one before.  Bake some sort of baked good right before your showing. This helps people feel like your house is a home, makes it inviting and smells delicious!

6.) Turn the heat up a few more degrees (especially in the winter)

Do not keep your house cold during a showing (unless it is in the summer). You want them to come inside and feel refreshed. If you have central AC, make sure that it is turned on during the showing. If you are selling a house during a colder time of year, turn your heat up a few extra degrees. This will make them feel warm and right at home.

7.) Create a welcome note

Creating a welcome note is another way to add appeal to a buyer.  Type up a letter that tells the buyer more about your neighborhood, attractions, and more.  If I wanted to sell my current house, I would talk up our neighbors and how we all work together, have a yearly Christmas party, and garage sale.  This will add a sense of community and make your house stand out from the rest.

8.) Pack up unnecessary items into moving boxes

Last but not least.  Pack up things you don’t need and stage your home. Give your home a clean, minimalist appearance.   If you have a dusty bookshelf of old books, pack them up and put the book shelf into storage.  Declutter as much as you can before you sell it, and when it sells you will be well on your way to being packed to move.  Here is an easy All-In-One moving Guide  that you can use to help you get organized before the big day.

Bonus Tips:

  • Make sure your home has good landscaping- plant some flowers, paint the door, reseal the driveway
  • Get all of those little or even big problems fixed in the house.
  • Replace heavy bedspreads and tablecloths with lighter fabrics and patterns to continue the softer feel.

When it comes to insuring a house you are selling – there are a few more things that you need to know:

What is the best way to insure a house that is not being lived in, because they have moved into another residence and are selling the empty house?

If you need to relocate before you sell your existing home, you should know that a vacant or unoccupied home may not be covered by your homeowners policy. According to the Insurance Information Institute, “theft, vandalism, fire or water damage are far more likely to happen in vacant houses than in occupied ones.” The institute says insurers typically discontinue coverage on a home if it’s been unoccupied for more than 30 days. Talk to your insurance agent to explore your options if your home will be vacant.

What is the best way to insure a house under contract, how do you transfer your home insurance to your new house?

Call your insurance agent well in advance of your closing and provide them with a timeline for your move so that you have coverage in place at the appropriate time. Depending on your insurance company, coverage on your old home will generally remain in effect until the sale of the property is complete, as long as your premiums are paid. Make sure you confirm that with your agent. You may also want to have the current owner of the new house add you as an additional insured to protect your interest in the new home for good faith deposit money you have provided to the current owner in case there is a property loss at the new home before you close.



Whether it’s for a new job, a relationship, more space or a fresh start, moving is a part of everyone’s life at some point. It’s an emotional time—the excitement, the stress, the celebration. And since everybody moves, everyone can relate.

When you’re moving to your next place, you’re not just boxing up pictures, toys, books and clothes. You’re boxing up memories, stories and special moments. It’s stuff, but it’s also your life. It’s everything you own—valuables full of meaning—and it requires you to Handle With Care.

This post was written as part of the Allstate Influencer Program and sponsored by Allstate. All opinions are mine. As the nation’s largest publicly held insurance company, Allstate is dedicated not only to protecting what matters most–but to guiding people to live the Good Life, every day.

Get your house sold FB

Setting up our Kids Wealth System with the kids

Posted at 1:00 PM on Apr 06, 2015 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Apr 6th, 2015


Last week I wrote about a New Kids Wealth program we are trying with our kids. I wanted to give you an update on how that program is going so far.

For the past three years we used a different childrens money program and we found this particular program wasn’t cutting it anymore.  We needed a change. One of the main things that we wanted to change was to teach our kids about investing, which is what got us interested in the Kids Wealth Money Kit program.


Here is what we had been doing with our kids.  Our nine-year-old had a chore schedule on the front of the refrigerator, he got four chores per day to complete and if they are all done by the end of the week he got paid $5.00.  If he had a good attitude doing these chores he got an extra $1.00.  Our five year old was just starting to get her own chores and we hadn’t developed a good system for her yet, so we wanted to follow the Kids Wealth program in order to get her started.

One of the main components of the Money Kit  is to pay your child half of what they would normally be getting every month; this is to help them save up and learn how to handle money.  At first, I wasn’t sure how this could work for us; we don’t spend a lot of money on our children and live a pretty simple life. We also didn’t want to pay them only half of their allowance because they worked hard for that money!

Here is what we decided to do:  We are paying both Hannah and Andrew $50.00 per month (we have been paying Andrew per week).  This number seemed SO BIG to me at first, I didn’t understand why a nine and five year old should get paid that much per month – but after thinking about it I totally get it. This $50.00 will be allocated into the five categories that the program lays out for you:

  • $15.00 into their Wealth Account (We aren’t sure how we are going to handle this yet)

  • $10.00 into their Plan Account (To save up for a larger item, like a bike)

  • $10.00 into their Learn Account (For educational products)

  • $10.00 Into their Fun Account (To spend on whatever they want)

  • $5.00 Into their Angel Account (To tithe to our church)

We had been giving Andrew $20 per month as payment for his chores; by adding up the Plan and Fun Accounts, we are giving him the same amount.  Both kids will be expected to do their chores on a weekly basis and will be given an extra $1.00 per week for good behavior.  They will also be required to pay us back if they did not do any chores during the month, so they have to make sure that they keep it up throughout the month.

We also get to teach them about investing in themselves. By giving them $15.00 per month to invest, we are giving them a valuable lesson.  Did you know that if you invest $30 per month into an account for your child, starting at age 5, with a 10% annual return, equals $1,150,851 at retirement?!?!

Kids Wealth contract

Last night we sat down to make it formal and sign our contracts. The Money Kit only comes with one contract, so I made photocopies of it so everyone could sign one.  We agreed to pay them on the 6th of every month, both signed the contract, and then talked about how the money will be split up.

They each set a goal for their Plan Account (the account that helps them save up for a large item).  Hannah decided she wanted to save up for a Hello Kitty Power Wheels car, and Andrew wants to save up his money to buy the Lego Minecraft The Mine set.


So far here are the pros and cons that I see of this system:


  • A lot of information to learn at once.

  • It takes money to do this system – if you don’t have the extra money to give every month it may be difficult to do it this way

  • Assumes that you spend a lot of money on your child every month (since we do not, we had to think about how this would work for our family.)

  • The Money Kit does not come with money envelopes for the kids money to go into. The box was a little misleading and I assumed those were included. (You have to buy them separately)


  • Talks about investing (something we haven’t seen in a kids program yet)

  • Gives them agreements to fill out to keep everyone accountable

  • Monthly payment instead of weekly (we tend to forget to pay every week)

  • Talks about giving

Andrew contract

Our next step is figuring out how we want to handle the investment portion. On one hand we want them to have that $15.00 per month in cash, take them to a bank and open up a savings account. On the other hand we would love to invest that money into a company like Betterment, so it would be invested in bonds and stocks.  We have yet to figure out how we will handle this, so stay tuned for my next post where I talk all about how we plan on tracking their investment money.

Disclosure: I am blogging as part of the Kids Wealth Ambassador Program. All opinions are my own and I am very eager to see how this works for my children.

How to Pick the Perfect Mattress – and get Cheap Queen Mattresses

Posted at 10:55 AM on Apr 03, 2015 by I am THAT Lady: Lauren

Apr 3rd, 2015
Mark and I have been married for 12.5 years now. Our mattress was a wedding gift and we've needed a new one for a LONG time. The only problem was our budget; we needed to find out how to get cheap queen mattresses and it seems like every store we
Cuban Pork Rice Bowls

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Apr 3rd, 2015
What is better than throwing some meat in a slow cooker and letting dinner cook all day long? These Cuban Pork Rice Bowls are so easy to make and very freezer cooking friendly!  You simply dump everything into a freezer bag, then freeze until
{DIY} Duck Tape Flower Pots

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Apr 3rd, 2015
  Are you looking for an easy last minute Mothers Day gift? I have the perfect gift idea that will cost you under $5.00!   First you will need small flower pots. I got these for $0.77 each at Walmart. You will also need Duck Fabri