Run out of ink but still want to print coupons??

You just ran out of printer ink and you see a coupon that you just HAVE To have - that is a couponers worst nightmare! Here is a simple way to never have to do that again and print that coupon even when you don't have any ink left!

I wanted to let you in on a little tip that I do when I run out of ink and I don’t want to miss out on printing coupons.  Am I the only one that waits until last minute to order my ink/toner? I ran out yesterday so I “pretend” to print the coupons and then actually print them when my toner comes in the mail.

What I mean by that is that I do everything I would normally do to print my coupons, except I don’t plug my computer into my printer.  The documents just wait in my print queue until my toner comes, I plug my printer in and voila they all print out.

This is great because I don’t have to run up and downstairs to print coupons all day since I have a printer that needs to be plugged in.  I just “pretend” to print them during the day, and then plug my printer in at night before bed and let them all print out at once.

This is also a way to save money on a printer, you really don’t need to have a wireless if you do this method.

I use a Brother printer for my coupons – it is the best printer and the cheapest way to print coupons!

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Does anyone else do this??



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  1. says

    I’ve done that when I’ve run out of paper. Anything you print just sits in the print queue until the printer is back online.

    BTW, I use a laser printer. Considering the cost of ink and the volume of printing couponers do, it probably wouldn’t take long to pay for a cheap laser (around $100 on the low end).

  2. KC says

    I’m doing this all the time when I’m away from the printer but there is a good coupon available (they usually won’t last long). There have been times when I’ve lost a few since my battery didn’t get recharged and computer powered down =).

  3. Joleen G says

    Great Idea! By the way, where’s the cheapest place to get colored ink from? Mines been running low for a while.

    • Shirley says

      I don’t use color ink to print coupons. My husband freaked the first coupon I printed and it came out in color because you don’t get that screen to choose. He then set the printer default setting to Black/grayscale so everything is in black unless we change the setting to color.

    • Bridgette says

      I buy my ink cartridges refurbished on ebay from the same seller every time. I get all 3 colors and black for under $7 total, shipped!

  4. Diane says

    I did this while we were on vacation…took my laptop w/me and printed daily what I wanted…when we came home all I had to do was log on and out they printed :-) Yea! No missed coupons!

    • says

      I am not embarassed to say that while I was in labor with my youngest daughter I was printing coupons….ha! It was just the beginning of labor, but I didn’ t miss any coupons.

  5. Brianna Alton says

    I tried this the other day, I figured I wasn’t the only one who had to do it but when I finally plugged my printer into my computer it froze up on me :/ I had run out of ink so I couldn’t finish I am going to try again though. What had happen was I ran out of ink while printing my Rite Aid Value videos (yes all of the videos, I wasted my time and only got half the coupons :/) so I paused the printing went and got new ink and started printing again only for it to freeze and I had other things in the queue below it so I lost everything when I had to cancel everything :/ and lost the chance at those coupons and the rite aid video values

    • sarah says

      if you ever loose your video values or the paper gets jamed you can email adperks and they will put them back on there for you to print again :)

      • Wendi says

        You can also call RiteAid & they can verify right on the phone that your coupon(s) did not print. They’ll send one in the mail. They also did this when my +Up reward didn’t print on my receipt.

  6. Wendy says

    What about the Brick Coupons…. Do you still get your second print?….do you go ahead and hit the back button to print your second coupon? Just wondering if that works or not. Thanks :)

  7. hana says

    i do this all the time. esp if theres a coupon thats really good, but i’m not quite sure i’m going to use it (i live a three hour drive from walgreens, target, and walmart. cvs is four hours away) so i keep them on hold until i go (not often) (i hit all four saturday!) so that way i don’t waste any costly ink by printing ones i might not get to use.

    • Michelle says

      Wow! I so feel for you..and I thought a 40 min drive was bad!!! I do the same thing too..hit all my stores at once. Thanks for the great tip Lauren. Have actually thought of this, but wasn’t sure if it would work.

    • DianeG says

      That’s incredible – you must live in a very beautiful remote area! I thought 45 minutes was far away –

  8. collegeboundcouponer916 says

    Yes I do it all the time with my laptop. Then just hook it up to the printer every couple of days or as needed.

  9. Mary says

    THANK YOU!!!! I needed this one. I have a Lexmark printer, I swear I think this thing uses the most expensive ink out there…. $45 for both color and b&w… I am thankful that I have moved somewhere w/ a Walgreens that will fill them, but unless they have the 2 for the price of 1 sale, I am still out of $30 for ink refill. I would not print until I got ink and really missed some good deals. Thanks for this insight. Now I will not have a heart-attack when my ink is low. lol

  10. says

    I do this all the time too! I have a wireless laptop, but I can’t get the wireless printer thingy to work, so I always just load up the queue and then (usually when the kids go to bed) go into the office to print them!

  11. Nicole says

    Yeah my husband is about to kill me with all of the ink i use :-( I have everything set to print grayscale and lot quality but it still goes soooo fast!! Is a laser printer the best way to go? I think i just replaced my ink a few weeks ago and it is already running out!

    • says

      I replaced my ink jet a year ago with a laser printer. I just ran out of my toner this week after using the same toner cartridge for over 6 months! The Toner Cartridge only cost me $17, I have a post about it on here somewhere, just search under Brother Printer.

  12. Martie Hannafan says

    AWESOME IDEA!!!! I have been missing out on coupons for the last few days because my black color was out!!! I will do that next time!!! Thanks!!!

  13. Jessica Rockwell says

    So funny! I actually do this! I thought I was just getting lucky but I am glad it works for others! So cool!

  14. Amanda Johnson says

    I knew you had posted on this, and I have run out of ink. So I’m going to try it. Will it work with and Coupons?


  15. Clea says

    Hi, Im wondering if the coupons will stay in the queue even if I turn offthe laptop? Im waithing for my ink and dont want to leave it on for days on end. Thanks

  16. coupon3333 says

    DOH! great tip!! specially when using 4 computers! what a time saver!
    Best Multitasking I have ever heard of, Printing Coupons while in Labor,
    now that’s a die hard couponer!!!!! Thanks for all you do Lauren!
    I always make sure to hit Staples for their rebates, rewards, and turn in empty
    ink cartridges, for savings. I cut the cost down drastically on ink, I never pay for paper!!!
    bought my printers at the thrift store, $2 bucks each! returned 4 ink cartridges that were in them, to staples,
    $4 MM! lol…..

  17. Tanya says

    Another idea is to print to a .pdf (if you have a .pdf writer….(many are free online). You can save them until you are ready to print.

    • Denise says

      Tanya, could you please elaborate on how to print with a pdf writer, I’m not sure I know what that is, but sounds like it would be perfect. Thank you! Denise

  18. April says

    My sister in law told me that she uses her local library to print coupons if she is out and about. I have never done this and certainly wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you only need to print one sheet.

  19. Bob says

    Down load a PDF Creator from Source Forge. Free. It looks and acts like a virtual printer. From any job that lets you print, select the printer called PDF Creator and the report will be saved as a PDF where ever you direct.

  20. Allison says

    I do this all the time when I am working on school stuff at home. Then when I get to my classroom and plug my laptop into my school printer, it spits out everything I needed.

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