How to negotiate cable prices {like a pro}

cable prices

Is your cable bill one of the largest bills in your monthly budget?  If so, I have some tips on how to get that bill much lower.  My friends have called me the cable negotiating guru, because I know how to negotiate them down so I never have to pay full price. We actually choose not to have cable at this point in our, but if we did have it – I wouldn’t be paying that much for it.  We choose to stream in Netflix and Amazon Prime instead to


Can You Save on Healthcare in 2014?

Are you wondering how to save money on healthcare coverage. Here is an in-depth look at 3 ways to save money on it this year!

  *** Updates – wow, since I posted this summary of the Affordable Care Act almost 3 months ago, quite a bit has changed.  Firstly, today is the “deadline” to sign up for health insurance if you don’t have it through your employer.  Note that I put deadline in quotes… why?  Because the March 31 deadline has been extended, sort of.  Today, you may have seen reports of the website crashing throughout the morning and afternoon. Well… the administration saw this coming and prepared a solution for those who


How to turn 2 hours per week into $5,200 per year!

Are you tight on money? I can teach you how to turn 2 hours of work per week into an extra $5,200 per year! That is a HUGE deal!

You may be wondering how 2 hours per week can turn into $5,200 per year…  It is actually pretty simple – spend 2 hours per week meal planning and grocery shopping, you can easily save upwards of $100 per week.  Do this all year long (52 weeks) and you have just earned yourself $5,200 more per year!  That may be a 10% raise for some of you; that may mean you can quit your job and stay at home with your kids, for me it meant that I could pay


I Hate Budgeting!

Do you like to set a budget? I hate budgeting but there are so many reason why! Head on over and see!

This may surprise some of you, but I have a love/hate relationship with budgeting.  And it’s been mostly hate over the past few years.  I recognize how important it is, and when I’m going strong, it can almost be enjoyable.  But if you fall off the wagon – gosh, it is HARD to climb back on.  And prior to 2008, Lauren and I NEVER EVER EVER budgeted.  So although I like numbers and spreadsheets, budgeting doesn’t come naturally to me at all.  I have to work at it. Before I