Allure Magazine: Only $4.50/Year!! $0.38 per Issue!! Digital Access too!

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Sep 16th, 2014
I love how Discount Magazines is starting to add great deals on other magazines! Look at the great deal you can get on Allure Magazine! It is only $4.50/year!  Plus you will also get digital access for this price! Read on your iPad, phone, tablet
Shape Magazine: Only $4.50/Year! Less than $0.38 Per Issue!

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Sep 15th, 2014
Here is a very popular magazine deal today-Especially if you  are ready to start or continue on the way to healthy living!  Subscribe to Shape Magazine for only $4.50 per year (76% off retail price)! You can order up to 3 years at this price! Jus
Discount Magazines: Choose 2 Mags for Only $10!

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Sep 13th, 2014
Glamour Magazine: Only $4.99/Year! Includes Digital Access Too!!

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Sep 12th, 2014
We haven't seen a deal on Glamour Magazine for quite a while! Head over to Discount Magazines to get Glamour for only $4.99/year plus that includes digital access so you can read it on your tablet, iPad, iPhone and so much more! Today only, s
Disney Junior Magazine Only $13.99/ Year {save 51% off retail price}

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Sep 10th, 2014
Disney Junior Magazine is an awesome magazine for your kids that they will look at over and over again!  I save old magazines for car trips and let them look at them over and over again. Disney Junior features magical storytelling and playful
*RARE* Zoobooks Magazine for Kids: Only $17.99/Year! Save 65%!

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Sep 9th, 2014
I think this is the first time I have seen a fantastic deal on Zoobooks from Discount Mags! It is only $17.95 per year right now! That is 65% off the cover price! It is even almost $30.00 on Amazon and it gets amazing reviews! Today only, sub
Women’s Health Magazine: Only $4.99/Year! Take Control of Your Life!

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Sep 8th, 2014
If you are ready to take control of our life, check out Women's Health Magazine! Today only, you can get a subscription for only $4.99/year!  You will be saving $45.00 off the cover price! Your subscription will even include Digital Access so you