My weekly shopping trip!

Price Chopper shoping trip

I usually do my shopping trips on Sunday nights but because this Sunday was Easter and the stores were not open, I was not able to go grocery shopping.  After having no food for my family yesterday ,and bringing McDonald’s to my son during lunch (because I didn’t have food for him to take), I realized it was time to go grocery shopping I have been using a lot less coupons these days and doing more Aldi shopping. I have found some prices at Aldi that I just can’t beat at


My Aldi shopping trip this week – organic lettuce, organic carrots, strawberries and more!

aldi trip

I wrote in my meal plan this week that we are starting the 24 day Advocare challenge tomorrow (Monday).  I went and bought most of my produce at Aldi this week and spent $62.00 on all this. Here are some of the items listed: 3 dozen eggs 2 packs of organic salad mix @ $1.99 ea 4 packages of strawberries @ $1.99 ea  1 package of Ground Turkey 1 package of organic baby carrots @ $0.99 Apples, Oranges, Cucumbers, Kiwi,  Avocado, Peppers, Cantaloupe and much more yummy produce! The bagels


My weekly meal plan – cleanse edition!

meal plan

This is the week…Mark and I are starting the Advocare 24 day challenge on Monday!  This weeks meal plan is a bit different than usual because we are following the food guidelines for the cleanse.  It is basically eating gluten free but adding in complex carbs and a lot of fruits and veggies.  I am really looking forward to what we are eating this week, it shouldn’t be as hard for me because I am already gluten free. The tough thing for me will be cutting out coffee, but the


My Meal Plan this week – Soup and stomach bug edition!

my weekly meal plan

This week I am getting a late start on everything.  I had a short stomach bug on Sunday and two of my daughters currently have it.  I finally got around to grocery shopping today and was able to get everything I needed for the week for my meal plan. I’ve also had a few comments from people asking why I don’t list fruits or veggies in my meal plans? My main reason for not listing fruits is that they are eaten all day long here. We go through SO MUCH


How you can save $1,200 per year just by thinking ahead and making a 20 minute meal.

Do you find yourself eating out a lot because you get to the end of the day and are too tired? did you know that you can save $1,200 per year just by planning out some simple 20 minute meals instead of getting pizza?

Yesterday I spent 2 & 1/2 hours grocery shopping.  It was one of those rare weeks where we were really low on food and I needed to work really hard to stay within our budget.  I was successful and actually come in $8.00 under budget!  I was exhausted from shopping at 4 different stores (I normally only go to 1), but since we have a new and leaner budget, I’ve been having to shop at a few different stores. Around 3 hours later Mark says to me “Lauren, lets just


4 steps to set a successful grocery budget

succesful grocery budget

So… you want to start a grocery budget but have no idea where to even start.  I was there just 6 short years ago when we were in a large amount of debt, so I completely understand how you are feeling.  The first step in budgeting is that you need to set a realistic amount for the budget to stick; this takes some time and a lot of messing up!  It took me about 2 months to find the right amount of money to allocate towards grocery shopping every week,


Frugal Meal Planning: How to Save Money by Meal Planning Every Week

Are you wondering how to save money on your groceries? Meal planning could be your answer - save 50 of more every week with these tips!

  Are you sick and tired of not knowing what to cook for dinner?  I am SO happy to start my new series about how to meal plan, some meal planning tips, and my favorite recipes to use! If you are interested in meal planning – you can download my FREE meal planning workbook here. Meal planning alone can save you around 50% each week without even using coupons!  Why? Because you buy what you need and you eat it, there is little waste and you rarely eat out because