Throwing a Princess Birthday party on a budget!

Throwing a Princess Party on a Budget

My daughter Hannah turned 3 last Sunday, and last week I spent hours searching Pinterest for ideas on Throwing a Princess Party on a Budget and was getting very frustrated!  It seemed that the only ideas that I could find looked like they spent a year to put together and execute, and as a busy mom/business owner I just don’t have that kind of time.  Many of you gave me great ideas when I asked over on the I am THAT lady Facebook Page, and I think that I put together a great Princess Party on a Budget!  The total cost for this was under $30!!

I first made a table for the food – I used a recycled pink sheet (you may remember what happened to the bottom of that sheet with the ‘marker incident‘) and I also used some white linens that I had lying around the house, plus some toile that I had from a baby shower that I threw a year ago.  I put up some pictures of her as a baby and while I was pregnant with her.

I made her name out of scrapbook paper that I bought at walmart for a few dollars and used other pieces around the house to help decorate the table.  I purchased some pink straws and small mason jars for only $5.00 (using coupons :) ).

The menu was pretty simple, my favorite part of the menu was the waffle cone fruit bowls.  The kids were so excited that they could eat the bowls!  I spend around $7.00 on the fruit and waffle bowls.  I had a coupon for Joy Ice Cream cones and thought this was a cute idea so that they could eat the bowls too!

I also served PB&J sandwiches. Pretzel Rods, and Goldfish crackers.  I made a salad and sandwiches for the adults, and served ‘Pink Princess Punch’ i.e.: Pink Lemonade.

We did manicures for all the little princesses that came to our her party – it was so cute how all of them were lining up and so excited to get their fingernails painted!

She opened presents under the ‘Royal Canopy’, which was a blanket on the ground with a bed canopy that was from her bedroom.


Instead of doing a craft or game, I decided to let them decorate their own cupcakes, which basically turned into a frosting eating party :)

We got a bunch of toppings and just let the kids decorate their own – they had a great time and I didn’t have to send the moms home with a craft that will sit on the bottom of their toy box for a year.

We had a great time celebrating Hannah’s birthday and all for under $30!   For more ideas for decorating on a budget – check out my Decorating on a budget section and also my DIY ideas.

Interested in sharing this – I would love for you to Pin it below – this way other searching on Pinterest can find some ‘practical’ birthday party on a budget ideas!

I would love to hear your frugal princess party tips!  

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  1. Eliza says

    Thats amazing Lauren! We had a good time too :) We always spend like $200-$300 on birthdays, and I hate it. I am challenged now to make Addyson birthday in August for cheap, I’ll try :)

    • says

      I really worked hard on creating this one on a budget but also because I didn’t have a ton of time. When all is said and done – having a fun time is always the most important. Glad you could come!

  2. eve says

    My daughter had an Ariel Birthday party. I found a box of decorations on craigslist for $8 from another mom who also had an Ariel party to throw just a couple of weeks earlier. We rented a culture hall from church for free, so tables, chairs, kitchen use was all free. I prepared games using back to school sale items. I used bright colored folders and made fishes out of them for a fishing game, flowers for Pin the flower on Ariel game, poster for Ursula’s Prison game (my husband is an artist and drew Ursula for me), crayons for Thank You gifts with some coloring pages.

  3. Amy V. says

    I was able to get a Groupon a while back for, saving me 50% on most of the goodie bag supplies and pinata, I also have Shoprunner for free shipping there. I found a lot of cups/plates/napkins in my daughter’s colors at our local dollar store. I’ve been buying the hotdogs/hamburgers/cake mixes/chips when they are on sale and freezing/storing them. Last year I was able to do her party with about 40 attendants for roughly $150 including pool passes…this year that is my goal as well.

  4. Heather says

    Kudos! I have paid for extravagant parties and had down home ones and I will say hands down that years later the guests and my kids remember the parties that took the most thought and where the family participated in the activities. The commercial ones – we only remember that we had them – not necessarily what we did or anyparticular memories. I would add a suggestion to hire a hardworking teen for an hour or two to help with facepainting or nail polishing or running some games. Many have Counselor training or the babysitting course and are always looking to make a few bucks – some might even volunteer if you go through a church youth group (of course a nice tip is always appreciated).

  5. Christina says

    My daughters princess party (she’s turning 3) is a little over 2 weeks. I LOVE your idea for the waffle bowls. I was going to serve chocolate pudding with girling sprinkles in the plastic cup things but they’re really pricey :/ so that is a GREAT idea.

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