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My guess is that you found me because you want to learn how to extreme coupon by watching Extreme Couponing on TLC. Extreme Couponing means different things to different people, but many of you may wonder “How to Extreme Coupon?”.   By one’s definition, I may be an extreme couponer; I do get great deals and spend very little out of pocket every week, but I do not get hundreds of boxes of pasta for FREE at one time.  I LOVE to coupon… there are days when I eat, breathe, and dream about them.  There are also times when I would rather go to Aldi to pick up some things, so that I don’t have to think about them.


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When watching the Extreme Couponing show, I am amazed at these men and women and all the work that they put into coupons. Honestly, if I had the time and the coupons I would do it too!  It takes years to build up a huge stockpile like the ones they have, I wish I could feed my family off of my stockpile for a year.  I could feed my family for about a month off of our stockpile, which is a great accomplishment for me.

If you are here visiting ‘I am THAT lady’ for the first time and are interested in learning how to use coupons, I have some great resources for you.  The most important piece of advice I have is this: don’t expect to go out tomorrow and get $1,000 worth of groceries for $60, it takes time and practice.  I heard from many people that came to ‘I am THAT lady’ after the first airing of TLC Extreme Couponing back in December, and many of them quit using coupons already because they felt defeated.  They were discouraged that they couldn’t do it like the people on the show, so that being said….give yourself some time.  Couponing is a learned skill, it does take time to learn the tricks, but I hope to help you understand the basics and get started off on the right foot!

What I can help you do is turn 2 hours per week into $5,200 per year!  When couponing and planning out your meals strategically, you can realistically save thousands!!

Here are some other beginner resources to help you get started:

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Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below with your experiences!

– Lauren Greutman –

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  1. April L. says

    I have made my nine year old son a coupon addict as well! He goes through out the store searching for coupons! Be begged me to stay up to watch extreme couponing!

  2. Kleavens says

    No I don’t need over 200 boxes of pasta. lol Seriously? But I would love to figure out how they get laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaners for free. I wouldn’t mind going over board when buying products I know we’re going to use in a lifetime. Anybody have any tips on how to get those items for free?

      • Kleavens says

        I sure do and since I’ve been on your site 2 months ago I’ve learned a lot! Rite Aid has become my new best friend lol. Heck I got my husband his Gillette Razors thats normally $13 for $1 (because I had a $4 off coupon) and I got 4 of them! something he’s always going to use.
        I’m already happy with my progress of couponing. I only have a stock pile of cereal thanks to PC’s free coupon this week lol.

      • Kleavens says

        I sure do and since I’ve been on your site 2 months ago I’ve learned a lot! Rite Aid has become my new best friend lol. Heck I got my husband his Gillette Razors thats normally $13 for $1 (because I had a $4 off coupon) and I got 4 of them! something he’s always going to use.
        I’m already happy with my progress of couponing. I only have a stock pile of cereal thanks to PC’s free coupon this week lol.

    • says

      Just keep an eye out, the trick of these people is once there’s a really good coupon, they get dozens of copies of the newspaper and wait for that perfect sale. That’s why they buy 60 bottles of mustard, the items in your stockpile happen over time, and in random parts, but over a period of months or years, the selection becomes massive. Remember, you don’t pick the deals, they happen in a mix of store sales, store coupons and manufacturer coupons. And don’t assume things are outright free, sometimes you have to be willing to pay a little, there’s nothing wrong with buying a dozen of an item that’s $3 and you only have a $1/each coupon, if the item is something you must use and don’t get a deal on otherwise, any savings adds up, it just feels better when it’s something huge, but you always don’t get that lucky.

  3. says

    >> I heard from many people that came to ‘I am THAT lady’ after the first airing of TLC Extreme Couponing back in December, and many of them quit using coupons already because they felt defeated.

    I think people get frustrated over failure and not understanding how it all works. Also these people on the TV show are extreme even by us coupon moguls. For me personally, I’ve only been doing it for 2 months and I’ve only gotten better and better, taking advantage of really good deals and having a sharp memory. My biggest catch yet was yesterday where I pushed the rules of a coupon and got $70 worth of stuff for $12. Mostly items that will take a year to use it all, but stuff I will use (ex: tomato sauce) over time long before it’s expiration.

    Despite things are rarely that effective, it’s not abnormal for me to buy $100 of groceries and only have $7 in coupons. It’s only over time can you stock pile items to offset your week to week shopping so you can live off your stock pile and not purely from the shopping cart.

    • Anonymous says

      Thanks Travis for your input, I totally agree! People expect to do what the
      people on the show do, and honestly in the years that I have couponed I may
      have done 2 or 3 AMAZING trips (during triples coupons in NC) that could get
      me on the show. It takes time to learn the ins and outs, and patience.

  4. Rachel Hanson says

    I really want to start using coupons in order to save us some money. My husband is out of work and I’m the only one bringing in an income. I don’t want to be the extreme person with stock piles…just weekly shopping trips or stocking up on toilet paper, cleaner, etc.

  5. Couponmedouble says

    I desperately need to learn how to do this I have 3 girls in or hitting puberty!!I am goingto start watching these videos and hope I get it because so far I DO NOT… like the comment below about the rite aid and the gilette razors, if they are regularly $13 and you have a $4 off coupon that’s $9 isn’t it what am I missing??and then they said they bought 4 so 4×9=36 so how is that $1?? Do you see why people like me don’t get it,,ok everyone who is laughing be nice, i obviously have no clue:(

    • Mizz_Mally says

      Honestly, I don’t get it either. Like last week when I watched extreme coupon she bout 36 of an item. Why 36? Why not 10 or 5? Or 30? I don’t get why it’s cheaper when you buy more. So if you find out please let me know :)

      • Cheyenne says

        After coupons, she was prolly getting “paid” to buy that many. If she makes $.51 per every one she buys, then $.51×36 will go toward the balance on the transaction.

      • amanda says

        Some stores do have deals on certain products where you get money back in coupon form if you buy so many of that product. like this past week giant eagle would give you back a 5 dollar off your next purchase coupon if you bought 20 dollars worth of poweraid which was on sale 12 for 10 dollars. so i bought 24 and got 5 dollars back. they had the same deal on cereal and nutigrain bars which my kids love so i did another transaction with 20 dollars worth of that and got another 5 dollars off my next purchase. then i took those two coupons and put them towards my third transaction and combined with other coupons i had for all my other items i only paid a few dollars on my last transaction. i did have to pay for the first 2 transactions though. but after that i got about 40 dollars worth of products free. so i spent 40 on everything and had a trunk filled with groceries.

    • Marlysofmull says

      I have been wondering the same thing… Until tonight. I set out to find out how and found this website. Lauren’s videos explain how. The key is to hold on to the coupons (mind the expiration dates) until the item goes on sale. So if the razors are usually$13 wait for them to go on sale for $11, then use a manufacturer coupon AND astore coupon (if your store will allow) at the same time. That’s how you get it down really low. I didn’t know that until I watched the videos. I highly recommend them!

  6. Jordina333 says

    My family and I are thinking about doing this for the Jesus Center for homeless people, we just need to know WHERE to get the coupons. And plus we live in a small town and dont get the newspaper. Should we ask my daughters school to give any extra coupons they have around the house to us? Or is there an easier way to do that?

    • Lbesaww says

      Hi, I am in the same boat as you … I have a real desire to do this for the homeless or for our troops overseas, however I am new at couponing also and am wondering the same questions … So you are not alone!

  7. Lromunlv781 says

    The people on this show as just extreme. I use coupons when I go grocery. The largest amount of coupons I had was maybe $60 in coupons. If you stick with a grocery store they would give you these special coupons like $15 off $200 purchase. Always look for those deals where its buy these certain items for $5, $10 or $20 off next trip promotions. My store just recently had a buy a certain item get a $1 for next trip. I was able to use coupons on these items and at the same time get $30 worth of coupons for the next shopping trip. So I am already -$30 before going to the store. I may never be like those extremists. Our grocery average is about $300 without coupons every two weeks, but with the promotions from the previous week, I can usually bring it down to $220-250 after all coupons (depending on what I buy). Go try those coupon clipper services. They may have coupons that you use all the time. For example, I buy those egglands best eggs all the time so the coupon clipper service had a $0.35 off coupon for those eggs. So I purchased a bunch of them. For $2 I got $7 worth of those coupons that will last me til the end of September. Its not free, but at least I will not pay full retail on those eggs.

    • HereInFlorida says

      I agree Rowdycowgirl….most coupons that I see has a limit per person and most have limits such as ‘one per household’ so how do others get so many?

  8. mommynboondocks says

    After watching the show I realized that this is exactly what my family needs. My husband has taken a MAJOR pay cut, but he still needs to provide for a family of five. I am now a full time student who is struggling to quickly make it through school so I can relieve some of the weight off of my husbands shoulders. Money is so tight right now that we are dipping into our overdraft at least twice a month. We have consolidated bills, cut out many luxuries from our lives, car pool with friends, collect cans, and I have taken on cleaning houses. The only thing that I cannot seem to cut down is my grocery bill! We eat simply and cheap; however, my grocery bill still ends up being around $500 a month! So, in your honest opinion, do you think that couponing would help me to build a savings?

    • Anonymous says

      Definetely! It helped me get out of debt, pay off our van, and build a nice
      stockpile. I can’t wait to hear your successes!!

  9. Mtngrlco says

    what i dont get, cereal goes stale, noodles goes stale, things expire… why do they need so much they cant possibly use before it expires?

  10. Ritterfamily says

    Uh need help!!!! I cut coupons but have.yet to master this, who is willing to take on the task of helping this stay at home mom?????

      • Jareis0513 says

        i would love to watch your coupons 101 video but out here i only have dialup it takes an an 3 hours to download a three minute viedo and no one has highspeed way out here in the country. is theres anything else you can recomend?

  11. Ckassitas says

    I am fascinated by how extreme couponers get their totals so low. My question is it seems a lot of stores double their coupons. I live in the suburbs of Chicago, none of my stores do this. Do you know of any???

  12. Witness2you2 says

    I am new to this, but eager to learn, I have 5 small children under the age of 6, we have a decent income, but you could buy a really nice house for what we owe in medical bills. We are desperately trying to cut our expenses and after seeing what coupons can do for us I’m quite excited. I would love more than anything to always be able to have food to offer my children when they ask for it, what a wonderful feeling that would be!

    • amanda says

      It does work. ive only been doing this for a month and ive already saved about 400 dollars and have a small stock pile started and im spending no more than i normally would in a week only now i have food and household items i need and i dont have to go without like i used to.

  13. Gotiff says

    How do you know if a store is going to double or triple your coupon? Is there a place it is posted at the store? Can you call to ask them? Is it for EVERY coupon or just up to them?

      • HereInFlorida says

        No stores in Florida double or triple….I can understand how you can save money using the coupons; however, I would love to see an ‘expert’ run a trip in Florida and see how well they do on the savings. As far as I can tell, most stores here take one of their own coupons and one manufacturers coupon except for Publix grocery who I believe allows one of theirs, one manufacturer’s coupon and one other coupon from certain competitors. But the prices at Publix in my experience are higher than others here so that is a factor also.

  14. Gotiff says

    How do you know if a store is going to double or triple your coupon? Is there a place it is posted at the store? Can you call to ask them? Is it for EVERY coupon or just up to them?

  15. Anonymous says

    Im a new omeowner and inerested in couponing, to save money. But, how can I get stacks and stacks of coupons? I get the Sunday paper but thats not enough? What do I do?

      • Carmen Herrera says

        But alot of the sites want you to download stuff.. Would you recommend this? Most of the sites I go to as well have the same coupons to print.. Where can I find a variety of coupons? (Sorry for all my questions.. I’m lost! :/)

  16. Maria Foy says

    A cashier at a Market Basket store told me that they will accept coupons for items not purchased when your total order exceeds about $125. She actually did scan several coupons I had for items I did not purchase. Has anyone ever heard of this? I want to go back with a stack of coupons and just try to save a bundle. The cashier said that the store just sends the coupons to the manufacturer and gets reimbursed. It sounds too good to be true.

    • Jareis0513 says

      i am trying to start couponing but when i go on the suites you posted i dont see anything my family will eat, i also do not live where they have double coupon days. what do you advise for poeople like me who dont have that without having to drive over 50 miles or more to do that. cause like most people i am a stay at home mom and only my husbend works, and have to consider gas prices

  17. Tooskinny says

    how come I see them (on TLC) use a lot of the same coupons but on the coupons themselves, it says one per specified item. I”m not sure what i’m asking. This is hard :( lol

    • Shantrese says

      One per item which means every one of those items get that amount off as long as you have that many coupons….example you by 12 deo and you have 12 coupons each item get that amount off….but you have to know your store policy as well on how many they will allow you to use. Hope that helps

  18. 4boysrus says

    It seems to me that they buy things and/or brands that they don’t need or use. I only want to save on the brands that I use and the ones that I know that my family will eat/use. Will I fail at couponing if I only stick to that goal?

    • Anonymous says

      you will not fail at all. You will start to see that you stock up on the
      items that your family uses when they go on sale, that way you won’t have to
      pay full price when you run out.

    • Anonymous says

      you will not fail at all. You will start to see that you stock up on the
      items that your family uses when they go on sale, that way you won’t have to
      pay full price when you run out.

  19. Lee Alfano-Applegate says

    OMG…I love the show and it had me hooked the very 1st time. Everytime I go shopping I get better and better. 1st wk I saved $50, 2nd was $90 and just yesterday $123…I was like a kid in a candy store. Though I am still learning,I am so happy at what Ive done so far. I do cashier profile(lol)Sorry,But where I shop u kind of have too(too many seniors around)I too have a big family(4kids+hubby)and food goes fast, so the best deals are a MUST for us. Just yesterday someone made a comment about my binder…Nothing bad, Just that she is amazed at the show and here is someone that has a binder too. Boy did i knock her off her feet when she saw my savings.LOL. Im going to watch ur videos to make sure I get this down. Tks again for sharing in ur success!!

  20. Mamawants2savemoney says

    Well, I have been collecting coupons for 6 weeks and now I am going to try a few small runs at walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. Wish me luck and say a little prayer for me! I will post how I did when I get back.

    • Mamawants2savemoney says

      Okay I extended my trip over a matter of a few days because shopping with the children is so difficult to do. I am SSOOO Proud of myself! Thank you so much to @IamTHATlady for all of your help.. in 3 days I have spent $88, but I saved $402!!!! I’m so pround of my first trips! I know the savings can only get better with the more experiance I get!

  21. Thrifty Shopper says

    We just shopped at our Publix and we they take 3 coupons per item. We used a MC, a store coupon, the sale that was going on, and we used a competitor Target coupon! That was awesome! We started at $80 and it dropped to $42. I was pleased, but sti

  22. karen albrinck says

    this sounds like a great idea for me since i am on a fixed income… I am extremly excited to get started to save any money I can…

  23. Chuckles28 says

    What’s the deal with rite-aid? I prefer CVS. I went there the other day. I had several coupons for some revlon makeup and 1 bogo NYC nail polish. After it was all said and done I spent $35 on $60 of makeup. Then for every $15 of revlon that was rang up I got 2 coupons back for $7 off my next visit and another $3 for buying $10 of covergirl and since I’m enrolled in thier beuty rewards I got anther coupon for $5 for totaling $50 in cosmetics. So that being said I bought $60 worth of makeup, only paid $35 and made $21 from the store.

  24. Heidijakuibak says

    the stores around here only have double coupon days on wed and have a limit of 5 coupon that they will double.  I don’t understand on how to save hundreds of dollars when none of the stores here will doulbe more than 5.  Any sugguestions? 

  25. Fsmith5654 says

    ok , i like to ask this ..let’s say a cereal brand is on sale and you have a coupon for it so if you buy a mass quanitiy of cereals of the same brand do u need more than one coupon or one coupon is good for many purshace ?

  26. Sophia says

    Ok so when you have a coupon that is for 50 cents and you can double up to a dollar off for an item thats ten for ten, which makes that item a dollar so you get ten of them and then use the two coupons. do you need ten indivdual coupons for that item?
    does this question even make sense? lol
    im trying my hardest to understand.

    • Rebecca says

      Dear Sophia, you will need 10 indivual coupons. For a 50 cent coupon that will double, and the item is on sale 10 for 10 (which is 1 dollar each), you will get 10 items for free. If there isn’t a limit on the item, try to stock up on that deal. I wish stores in my town will double :( Good luck…Happy Shopping!!!!

      • says

        Must of the stores allow ;
        •Only one coupon per item.
        •Item purchased must be identical to the coupon (size, quantity, brand, flavor, color, etc).
        Coupon cannot not be duplicated.
        Only certain amount of items can buy per customer/household with the coupons.

        So can people really save money with these policies? or extreme couponing doesn’t exist anymore? I feeel that buying at walmart or the dollar store can save you more money than wasting time with coupons.

  27. Raabnphilly says

    so, I went to buy a sunday paper and when I got home the coupon section was gone. Is there any way to contact a local news paper person to ask them for there extra coupons from the papers they don’t sale on sunday?

  28. Brenna says

    I clipped a coupon the other day that was for the Yoplait Yougurt and it was buy 6 get $.40 off. Now does this mean 40 cents is taken off each yogurt cup or off the total amount of the 6 cups?

  29. Cichon Renee says

    My first shopping trip…,

    I went to Walgreens and I brought

    3 bottles of lotion
    1 2pk bar of dove soap
    3 body bottles of body wash
    2 6pk roll of tissue
    1 bottle if listerine
    1 36ct diapers

    Then I went over to CVS and got
    2 bottles of visine

    All I spent today on 13 items were $26. I used some instore coupons and a couple manu. coupons. Its not extreme but for a virgin I think i did great because that pack of diapers would have cost half of what my bill was. I admit it was confussing but i got it done hopefully i can.get a better hang of it and step into the grocery store.

  30. keturah says

    I am 21 an I take care of my home of  6 ( I run a group home out of my home ) people by myself. Can anyone help me with details on couponing?

  31. Ginlee says

    I coupon to keep my family of 7 going. I have three cabinets filled. And a large freezer. I think stockpile of month or two is great to keep. I pay a dollar or less for all items. I just  got 10 bottles of bbque sauce for 4 dollars.  Things like that you going to use for the summer stock up. I even stock up on bath items. I just got 10 bottles of Nivea body wash free. And 6 pks of razors for 3 dollars.  The internet websites are great for info. You can learn alot of tricks to the trade. I enjoy it, knowing I’m saving money is even better.

  32. concerned Youth. says

    I think that people should start extreme couponing and giving the items/food to shelters and those less fortunate. There is no way you need 100 hand soaps and 800 bottles of gatorade.

    • HereInFlorida says

      I have to agree…as to most people I know who have seen the shows. It’s almost like hoarding…..

  33. Kim says

    Thanks for the great videos. I am just getting started. However, I went to Walmart for the Anchorage newspaper (ADN) today (Sunday) and no inserts, no coupons! Just store ads. Where else can I get the inserts? It seems kind of challenging to coupon when the local paper doesn’t have any inserts! :)

  34. tink2886 says

    Walgreens will only take one or the other either the manf. Coupon or the stores coupon but not both unless you have a register rewards coupon, i know i work there

  35. Dee says

    I love the show! I watched it two weeks ago and have been living and breathing coupons every since! I did my first shopping trip yesterday and saved oer $60. My biggest deals were 1.00 off two pack Ocar Mayer Turkey dogs. The store had them on sale for .99 each, so I got them for .50 a pack! I only wish I had more coupons as I only had two ;-( Then I found out my local Dollar Generall which is already super low on household products takes coupons as well! I racked up! Got 6 bottles of Spic and Span Cleaners for .45 each! We have more name brands in our house today than we ever had..lol! Just found a coupon for Nestle candy Bars .35 off 1, and our local walmart has them on sale for .49..that’s only .14 cents a bar!! I am having a ball! the only thing is, it’s very time consuming, and you really have to watch them like a hawk at the register because they make lots of mistakes. Also my 9 year old son is addicted with me..he begged me to take off school yesterday so he could go shopping with me, and he was a huge help..he also helped me clip and categorize my coupons..my 6 year asked me when he gets grown and has a wife, can I clip coupons for his family. how cute!

  36. ckis says

    The show is extreme to say the least and I think some of those people are borderline horders. The obsessive nature to which some of those people go to is not something most people will do and I think to expect to pay only a fraction of the total cost every time you go shopping is not realistic. I bet they only show the most ‘extreme’ of even their shopping trips. That said, I did learn a lot and have cut my family’s food bill down from $1000 per month to $400 and as I get better and create my own small stockpile, I hope to drop that down to $200 per month over the next 6 months. Sure, it’s not the extreme $10 a week budget, but I am still quite happy at all the money I am saving which is still significant.

  37. vanessa says

    Please explain how this goes because i do not get it at all.im a mother of four and my husband has been off work for some time now because of his kidneys and im the only income in the house right now. I need to learn this skill that you have.

  38. Lexie says

    I watched the TLC show Extreme Couponing last night and was hooked!! I searched while I watch and found your site and decided to got to the store today with what coupons I had saved over the last month or so. I did so well!! I went to my local Giant Food store and bought only the sale items that I needed and the BOGOF items and had coupons too. I was amazed at the stuff I got and didnt even pay half for them!! I saved $81.98 off of my total!!!!! I usualy use coupons as often as I can but dont every make out that well. I use to only buy the products that I liked even if they were not on sale and if I didnt have a coupon. Now I see the error of my ways! I also thought that buying small packs of diapers was a waste and only got the big boxes and used my little$2.00 off coupon for that. Now that I did the math I see that I can get the same amount of diapers or more in some cases for $10.00-15.00 less then what I was paying! I also figured out how to use the double coupons at my store. I have to make each coupon a transaction so I have to go in with my partner and we each make a purchase with the coupon to double it.

    I have to share this because it is a little extreme but, oh well!! I got an add in the mail from Target that if I opened a baby registry in store I would get a $20.00 in store gift card. I am 7 1/2 months pregnant with my second child so I am not having a shower but the offer was too good to pass up and they give the expectant mom TONS of coupons for baby stuff at Target. How could I resist!! I registered for stuff I do need so I have a list at Target for all the baby stuff I still dont have and I got a $19.99 pack of diapers for my 18month old for FREE!! Awsome!

  39. Carmen Herrera says

    Please help me!!! I have no idea where to start couponing… I hear some people say, “Just start collecting coupons, save and save.” Then some say, “Start with knowing your stores.” But where do I actually start? Do I clip every single coupon or just the basic coupons I use at home? I do not want to be EXTREME, I would just like to go grocery shopping and see my bill at $100-$150 and after store savings and all my coupons, all I pay is maybe $50. What happens if I go to the store and rack up a bill of $300 and all I save is about $40 worth? I wouldn’t be able to pay it… It makes me nervous just to try!! Please help me understand where do I start…… :/

  40. Laurie says

    I find it a little harder to extreme coupon when i live in a very small town were there is only a safeway, and i would have to drive a 100 miles to get to many of the stores that these other coupons are for. Any suggestions??

  41. Hailey says

    I have two questions: How do you know when an item is going to go on sale? (in order to match a coupon with a sale to get bigger savings)…is this also in the Sunday paper?

    And secondly, where do you get the store coupons for “one dollar off a purchase” or something like that, so you can pair it with another coupon and get an item for free. For example, I’m interested in getting toothpaste for free but have no idea how to go about it!

  42. Rev Wayne says

    I watch the show on TLC and now I am a newbie i am just starting to gather coupons. wish me luck and pray for us thanks all and good shopping to all and our prayers go with you…
    God Bless you all……

  43. Lexie says

    Ok I made my first trip to CVS today! I got lots of stuff on sale I use and with coupons and lots of extra bucks back. I checked all of these prices at all the stores I usualy shop. For ex: Zyrtec 45ct is $26.00 at Walmart. The diapers I bought are usually $11.00 at Target.

    Gerber Good Start Formula $22.00 – $12.75 coupon = $9.25
    Huggies Wipes $6.00 – $1.00 coupon = $5.00
    What I Paid Total $14.25 ($10.00 ECB earned for spending $25)
    Next Transaction today 1min later
    Huggies Pure and Natrual Diapers $8.99 – $3.00 coupon = $ 5.99 ($1 ECB earned)
    Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers $8.99 -$2.00 coupon = $ 6.99 ($1 ECB earned)
    Panteen Shampoo and Conditioner 2/$6.98 -$3.00 coupon=$ 3.98 ($3 ECB earned)
    ———- ———————
    Total $16.96 $5.00 ECB earned
    – $10.00 (ECB from previous transaction)
    What I Paid $6.96
    Next transaction 1min later
    Zyrtec 45ct (had an extra 15 pills in it) $24.99 – $2.00 coupon = $22.99 ($4.00 ECB earned)
    – $5.00 (ECB previous transaction)
    What I Paid Total $ 17.99
    Hope this helps some of you! It took me all day researching to uderstand the policy of CVS and know that I could use the ECB in transactions one right after another. I had questions about the ECB too and called my local store. They were very nice and answered everything I needed. I still have $4.00 ECB which I plan on going back and getting another pack of diapers with a coupon for only $2.99. I love CVS!!!

  44. lisapagliaroli says

    Heres the only problem I have with exteme couponing-when anyone says that everyone can do it! Anyone can do it but I mean the big savings that are on TLC. I consider myself an exteme couponer but nothing compared to the ladies on TV. I really think it depends on where you live and what stores are available to you. No store anywhere near me triples coupons and none of my stores will give me money back for a money maker! I mean really? I would never expect a store to give me money back because my coupon is more than the product on sale. Its not my money. Its a coupon. All my stores adjust the coupon so the product would be free and Im perfectly happy with that. But that all has to play into the success of the extreme couponer. Also-none of my stores have a coupon or a deal that if you spend say 30.00 you get 5 or 10 dollars off. My only grocery store is Giant Eagle and I have definately rocked that store but I can only do so good no matter how hard I try. I believe in extreme couponing but it depends on your stores and their policies. Oh, I almost forgot about this-I cant get redplum anymore. Not in the mail or paper. I order coupons and go on ebay but that is trickier and more expensive than just getting it like I used to. So thats another strike against me. It can be done-but not by everyone!

  45. Nanette From Houston says

    I know one thing that has changed my coupon skills. It used to be fairly easy and exciting to shop and see my totals go low or get an item for free upon occasion ( I would get so excited to save 30+ in coupons and maybe get a couple items free). Here in Texas Krogers has stopped doubling or tripling any of their coupons. They say its due to their new plan of gas points…for those that might not drive they are useless…I asked if perhaps they might change those points to something other shoppers could make use of. I hope it happens but with shows as extreme couponing and such I think major stores such as Krogers are trying to do what they can to stop alot of it. I am not saying they still dont have some great sales or send out coupons its just without the doubling and tripling they all most slip into Wal Mart status since Wal Mart will match prices for from any other store add save BOGOs.

    • Lindsay says

      On that note. If you are a driver a good way to take advantage of those points is buying gift cards from a kroger and use them to pay for things outside the store. Save big bucks at the pump and all you have to do is buy gift cards to places you are going to use anyway:)

  46. Vannah says

    they dont double coupons here where i live. so this makes my couponing not so extreme. they do however promise the price will always match what its advertise. if it doesnt ring up at the register the sales price, you get the item free. BUT you never know what item that will be till you reach the register and they scan it. i still coupon but i do need to save more money and develop a small stock pile, nothing like on the show where its rooms full or garage full. when i lost my job back in feburary, my job was to pay for groceries and a few other little things and my husband was the bigger bills. but when i lost my job it was very tough for him to cover it all while i pounded the pavement everyday looking for work. luckily i was able to find something pretty quickly but nothing like i was getting paid. so now im having trouble every month paying my part and the food bill. so i took up couponing after watching the show, i didnt expect to get $1000+ for about 30$ but i do need to get about $300 a month worth of food for about $100 at most or less would be good. any tips for a novice couponer? after reading most of above info, while very helpful, doesnt help my area so much with out the double coupons and no stores here take 5 cent off the canvas bags u bring in.

      • Vannah says

        do they really?! im going to have to check to see in my target does, because they never take it off. i was just reading you part about meat and produce because of course thats most of my bill. we do not have a microwave so we have to get food food and not tv dinners even though most say they can be put in the oven, believe me we’ve tried. does not work at all. the tray melts, or the food is partly burnt or frozen. our oven works great on food food. just not prepared food (tv dinners, hotpockets etc) so i am taking some of ur tips :) and using them for my benefits like planning out meals. i just made a menu for the week. and its all food we already have so i wont have to buy anymore. :) i will look at your series on youtube. we have a few whole salers who sell local meat and produce and the farmers market is where i try to go for local and they are so much more cheaper than the grocery stores around here. (chicken at store 1.99 lb, at farmer’s market 0.99lb.) they tend to run less during winter though. instead of every week its once a month during the winter.

  47. says

    Concerning the first comments. I am seeing more and more posts about stores un-doubling and in general changing coupon policies. I think you will see more and more of this for a while in response to the latest waves of extreme couponing. But, im also sure that as time passes and some people give up and the stores starting to concentrate on their competitiveness again, you will see doubling return. The motto is to hang in there .

  48. Sheila says

    I am 22 and recently married. We are trying to have a baby and I would love to learn how to coupon, especially since eventually I will be a mother. I want to learn how to coupon and I dont know how to start or where I should look to learn if anyone has any insight or could point me in the right direction that would be great…I have looked at this website a little and a couple of others but it is all very overwhelming. My email is [email protected] if anyone can help me you can reach me there, just put in the subject box couponing or something like that. Thank you!!

  49. Danyelle Maloney says

    Hey Lauren,
    I seriously admire what you are you doing. My dad has lost his job recently and mom is on short- term disability and I am the only one working but part-time only. This seems like an awesome way to save on money. I’ve watched your videos and took plenty of notes on how to start and would love any other tips you may have for me. I also would like to know how I can find a blogger near us. I live in Loganville, GA and our nearest grocery stores are Kroger and Wal-Mart.
    Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

    • says

      Danyelle, I would good Kroger coupon matchups and see what you come up with.. I do matchups for Walmart on a weekly basis. I am so happy that you found me!

  50. Melissa says

    I am recently new to coupons and just have a few questions. I have started watching the Coupons 101 videos. Haven’t made it through all of them yet, I also have three small children. I live in Illinois, close to Iowa and Missouri. I am unable to find any stores in my area that offer double coupon days. I do have a Target and Walgreens in my area and I printed off a copy of their policy. I also printed some of Target’s coupons. I was wondering how you know if a Target coupon and manufacture’s coupon can be stacked? Also, any suggestions on how for me to get the best bargains without coupon doubling? Thanks so much!

    • says

      Yes you can stack a Target Store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupons, which is great! I have a friend who blogs over at kansascitymamas.com and she does a lot of Missouri stores like Price Chopper, Hen House, etc. Check her out, you can still save a lot without double coupons!

  51. Dashawna says

    I’m new to couponing also I need help my husband and I are expecting a baby in march so I want to get ahead on diapers personal care items laundry soap and food for our big family.

    • says

      Congrats on the baby! I would recommend watching for my Drug Store Matchups weekly, these should help you keep your costs down and stock up on diapers. I also post a best diaper deals of the week post on Mondays which shows all the diaper sales at all the major stores. I have 3 kids, 2 of which are in diapers and it is so expensive!

  52. Sierra says

    Hi, my name is Sierra and I would love to start couponing like the people I see on tv. Now I am only 19 and still live with my parents but I want to get into great habits like that. I coupon and save on things like clothing already it I want to try food so I can get into now because my boyfriend and I have talked about moving in together and u think it’s a great skill. Besides watching the video is there any other tops?

    • says

      Welcome Sierra! I would recommend signing up for my newsletter or Facebook and keep watching my deals. I post on different money saving articles weekly. I hope I can help you save!

  53. Davina H. says

    I like what I’ve read so far, I am not only interested in couponing, giving everything going on in my life now I’d say it’s going to save us. I look forward to learning all you have to teach, and can’t wait to get out on my way soon. Thanks.

  54. Kara says

    Hi! I am a 33-year-old single mom from Arkansas earning minimum wage. Needless to say, times are tough. I have been watching extreme couponers and it has sparked my interest…and my 8-year-old son’s as well. I regret to admit that I have never used a single coupon in my life! I want to learn everything you have to teach and pass on good habits to my son. Thank you for this website. It may just save us and make our lives better!

    • says

      Kara, welcome to I am THAT lady! I am so happy that you found me! I started using coupons to make ends meet after not having a job any longer, I had never used a coupon in the past either. I am happy to say that it worked and I have been able to get my family our of a tremendous amount of debt because of coupons! Make sure you watch my coupons 101 series on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/iamthatlady

  55. chelsey lopez says

    Hello, my name is chelsey and i live in arkansas.
    As of right now i am 17 years of age and i am working at a telemarketing place getting right around $200 a week. I am trying to save up money for my own car so putting back money in savings every paycheck is a requirement.
    I also will be turning 18 and graduating from highschool this following may. Going off to college taking on the world for the first time is always a nerve racking thought. So i decided to start getting into a smart budget saving savvy now instead of later on in life. I came across the show extreme couponing and was estonished! the amount of money they end up saving after their transactions just facinates me. Now it would be nice to help my mom out now with putting food and materials in the house since she is a single mother with five kids. I believe if i showed her how much i would be saving if i started this she would be floored. Its always nice to help someone out. My only problem is i dont know a thing about couponing so please HELP!

  56. Brittany Kitchens says

    Hey y’all

    My name is Britt and I am dying to.start couponing…I live in Denver, CO and am 22 years old. I live with my boyfriend and a close friend. But I am truly blessed that I never have to go hungry…and now I want to learn howbto coupon so I can give my stockpile to my food bank. There are so many homeless and hurting people in my city and I’d like tobgive back. Anyone know where to go to double in Denver??

  57. Linda Cole says

    I would like to learn how to extreme coupon. Does anyone know if there are any groups around southern michigan that would offer a class or something like that?

  58. Ashley says

    Hey, my name is Ashley. I’m 18 years old and in college. As you know college and very costly and as we all know money sucks right now. I want to help save my parents money, because they have always been there for me. I have no idea where to start. Any ideas you have to where I can start off?

  59. niesha says

    Hello I am extremely interested in extreme couponing when I click on all your links it takes me to the same page that is asking me to sign up, is this suppose to happen?

  60. Linda Campbell says

    i would love for someone to help me learn how to do what i see the people on tv do. I would love to know what web pages to go to find the coupons.

  61. Lindsey says

    I have been looking at coupons and many say things like “save x amount of $ when you buy 2 or more of a product.” For example, there is a coupon posted for cereal stating save 1$ when you buy TWO boxes. That doesn’t seem worth it to have to buy two boxes of cereal to only save 1$? Also, many say they can’t be redeemed with other offers so you cannot combine other coupons with it. I’m having a hard time understanding the idea of buying more of a product to save a minimal amount of money??

  62. Leanna says

    Hello I am 8 months pregnant and my baby shower is in two weeks I am trying to get as many coupons for the drinks and snacks but a lot of the sites don’t have coupons for exactly what I want. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do?

  63. starr says

  64. patty says

    hello this is all so overwhelming. where do i start. what is my first and second step. thanks for your help. patty

  65. latnya morgan says

    if i have 10 battery coupon(duracell)and its 1.50 off .but the battery cost $6.59.can u show me how to get it for free.i’m new at it.

  66. DiAna says

    Im not a fan of those ppl who keep rediculous amount of stuf when others can use it. I trully want to learn how to coupon so i cn donate! B it can be. Great way to py it forward! I cant even watch an episode of extreme couponing and see these sick ppl keeping all tht stufffwben there are tons of hungry ppl! Coupon sure keep a good amount if u like but donte some !!

  67. Brenda says

    I am really interested in couponing, but is there anyone that lives near Philadelphia, PA that can come meet me somewhere so I can get some hands on training on how to coupon? Please and thanks.

  68. Kristina says

    What about the people that are really experiencing the crisis that we are now living in the bad economy that have lost their jobs that are now getting foodstamps and are using them for their food expenses?The stamps are tax free,how does that work out ?Do they pay the taxes on each item purchased per coupon?(in cash)?

    • says

      They would use the coupons and it would just let their food stamps go further. Many people I have taught how to do this are on food stamps and when they usually run out of food stamp money at 3 weeks, they can now make it last the entire month, eat healthier and eat more.

  69. Natalie says

    Hello, I want to be an extreme couponer to help my family and save money but the thing is I dont know were to start so if can please help me organize my bin with the right sections (like…. Health foods, makeup, soups,)and help me find some coupones that would be awesome

  70. laurenauger says

    ok so i am a mother of 3 young children and i need all the money saveing tips i can get i really wanna learn how please help

  71. says

    im confused. How do you know if stores double your coupons? i live by stores such as Ablertsons, freddies, walgreens? Also every coupon i see has a 1 limit, so how can u but in bulk?

  72. Nallely Martinez says

    Please help!!!! I need someone that loves in Texas in the houston area to teach me hands on how to extreme coupon. I would appreciate it(: just email me!!

  73. Amanda says

    I am a brand new mom and a brand new couponer. The problem that I am facing, and I’m not sure that I have figured everything out. However, in reading the coupon restrictions for the stores in my area (ie Food Lion and Lowes Foods) there’s really no way to combine deals. I have visited both retailers websites and checked out their coupons, they are all manufacturer coupons. Places like Lowes states that they will not accept a digital coupon and a paper coupon on the same item, which can only lead me to believe that the digital coupons on their website are all manufacturer coupons, which I can get in inserts and on other coupon websites. So I guess at this point where I am stuck is locating in store coupons. I have scanned my card at places like food lion and it will give you a couple of coupons, but most expire within a couple of days. I need help, I have visited so many websites to try to figure out how to do this, and I know of at least two people where I work that coupon and have stock piles, but every piece of information I am getting is the same stuff I have been doing and I’m not really getting anywhere. My whole goal in this is to stock up a little for my family (I have 4 brothers, 1 sister, 5 nieces and nephews and my baby and then of course my parents whom I want to help so badly I can’t stand it) I don’t make a lot of money every year but I do know that there are people out there that make less than I do, and if I could get a stock pile going I would be elated to be able to donate anything to a church or the homeless shelter in my area but it seems like in WIlkesboro NC you can’t really extreme coupon effectively. Any advise via e-mail or comments would be GREATLY appreciated. I need a mentor!

  74. pamela ross says

    When is your next class in syracuse new york I know you had one two months ago but you book so fast. I would love to attend your next one.

  75. `Debra Bolen says

    Hi I have been watching extreme couponing.I’v been wanting to learn how to this for some time how.I’v been looking for class’es some where and there is none around me .I live in a small county. I would love to learn how.My husband is disable all we have is income.And my daughter and grands need me to learn this so I can help them with food. Please help

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